How to: Match Beer to your Fave Meal

Beer is good. There are some people who think that not every situation calls for beer, of course they are wrong, but we have put together a guide to make sure beer is always the best option, no matter the situation*.  So here’s our guide to pairing beer with your favourite meals:



There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but for sushi there’s only one: belgian style witbier. Witbier, or wheat beer, is delicate beer with a citrus flavour that enhances the ‘umami’ of the sushi without overpowering the delicate dish. We love the combination with Kirin.



Porters and Stout are the perfect pair for a big, juicy steak. The smoky dry elements of a dark stout are the perfect match for a steak fresh off the grill. Obsidan Stout is the perfect match.



A lager and a curry go hand in hand. The light, crispy flavour of a larger cuts through a spicey, rich curry with ease. We can’t go past Stone&Wood’s lager here.

A roast dinner

Food Network Paula Deen Foolproof Rib Roast

The rich nutty flavour of a brown ale was made to pair with a hearty, rich roast. New Castle Brown Ale and a Sunday roast go hand in hand.



An imperial russian stout’s sweet acidity is the perfect antidote for rich chocolate dessert. Nail Clout Stout somehow manages to make chocolate ever better, give it a go!

*GentSac always encourages responsible drinking. 

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