Our top 3 boys’ trips with substance

Boy’s trips are the best. There’s drinking, laughs and more drinking. What more could you possibly want? For the gent who’s got a bit more in mind for their boys trip than just booze and would maybe like to actually remember their trip, we’ve put together a list of destinations that offer more than your usual boys trip.


1. Swimming with Minke Whales, Queensland.

These friendly whales were only discovered in the 80s, and unlike Wham! and other 80s discoveries we’d actually pay to hang out with these guys. Swimming with the Minke whales is the perfect boys trip for winter: they’re found along the Great Barrier Reef from May to August. Trips usually depart from Cairns or Port Douglas so there’s beaches and beers on dry land waiting for you, plus you may even find Nemo. What’s not to love?

2. Bay of Fires, Tasmania.

The Bay of Fires in Tassy is seriously not to be missed. The mix of turquoise oceans, white sands and rusty orange rocks is unforgettable. Who better to share the experience with than your boys? There’s snorkeling, fresh seafood and meters of pristine beaches to discover. The area makes for the perfect road trip. Plus, the Cascade Brewery is near by if you catch our drift.

3. Great White Shark encounter, South Australia.

If you’d rather trade the bromance for some good old fashioned adrenaline. We hear you. What more could a boys trip need than a face to face encounter with a Great White Shark? You’re right, nothing! So gather the boys and head down to South Australia for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. If that’s not a story to break the ice on a date we don’t know what is…

 So there you have it, some boys trips that are about more than just drinking. If you don’t thank us for the suggestions, we’re sure your instagram feed will!


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