4 tips to taking shots like a gent

Today we’re coming to you with our how to take shots tips. Shots are cool. But they also suck. It’s just a simple fact of life. In lieu of this ground breaking revelation we’re here to make life a little easier with our tips on how to not only act tough when taking a shot, but to learn to appreciate the alcohol you’re pouring down your throat.

tequila , lime and salt , macro shot , focus on foreground


1. First things first, drink the realest. The only thing worse than shots are cheap shots. If you don’t believe us, tell us something worse than a shot of Mishka vodka. Yep… that would be, ah, nothing. So do yourself a favour and invest in some decent alcohol, it will make things waaay easier.

2. When it comes to shots, you’re best off doing it in one go. That is the whole point of them…

3. There’s an old wives tale that smiling suppresses the, let’s just say, unpleasant, aftermath of taking a shot. Don’t worry, we trialled it for you. The verdict? It works! We’re convinced it’s a placebo effect, but all that matters is that it works, right?

4. If smiling fails, turn to the chaser. If you’re drinking tequila don’t bother with sickly sweet chasers that will just make you feel ill, do as the Mexicans do. Try sangrita, a Mexican chaser, it’s mix of fresh limes and chilli which is the perfect compliment to the sharp hit of tequila.

And you’re done. 1 shot down the hatch. Wasn’t that easy? And didn’t you look all manly when you didn’t even flinch. Don’t worry, as repayment you can just tell all of your friends about us.


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