How to: 4 tips for the perfect shave

Just in case that whole beard thing isn’t working out so well for you, we’ve put together the top shaving tips you need to know. Because sometimes there’s nothing classier than a clean shave. We promise you will look more gentleman than little boy when you sport a clean face after these tips.


1. Rub a dub

First things first, you need to get your skin moisturised and your whiskers softened. This makes it waaay easier for your razor to cut through the hair, plus, hydrating the skin with water (think a soak in the shower, or a warm face washer) means you can wave good bye to shaving nicks and cuts.

2. Clean Slate

Use a gentle scrub to create a clean slate and make sure there’s no dead skin, dirt or oil lying around. Plus it helps to free any hairs that could be caught facing the wrong direction. Next, apply a thick layer of shaving cream in slow circular motions and allow it so soak into the skin. The longer you let it soak in the easier the shave will be.

3. Cutting time

Now it’s time to make the cut, leave your neck ‘til last as it’s the most sensitive area and will be much easier to deal with after the shaving gel has soaked in a little bit. Always shave with the grain, in smooth gentle strokes with the skin pulled taught. And of course always use a sharp razor. Don’t be shy with the shaving gel and reapply as often as you need.

4. After-Shave

To make your sure post-shave skin is smooth and bump free make sure you apply an aftershave or moisturiser. It’s best to stick to alcohol-free products that won’t dry out your skin.



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