Pick the right haircut for your face shape

Picking the right hair cut for your face shape can be rather difficult, but fear not, we have provided this handy little how to. There’s a line between what is on trend and what suits your face shape. You’re probably already aware of this thanks to a certain haircut of the past that was oh so unflattering (and still haunts you to this day), but don’t worry, because now we’ve made this handy little guide for you so you will never make the mistake of choosing an unflattering haircut again.


If you fall into this category you’re blessed with a strong and striking bone structure that suits the extra short, slick looks that other can’t quite pull off. Think slick, short cut with a quiff to bring some excitement. Keep the hair on the side of your face short to accentuate your bone structure. Ryan Gosling is the perfect gent to take inspo from.

The round-headed of you have symmetry on between the top and bottom of your head. Your rounded jaw line means you should steer clear of the styles suggest for square faces – trust us. Instead, opt for a square vibe in your hair. This will help to trick the eye into creating more structure in your face. Plus, an off center part will work wonders for you. Think Zac Efron.


If you have wide cheekbones which draw the eye down to an angular chin, then this is you. Johnny Depp has a triangular head, so you’re in good company. You aren’t too limited with your options here, but hair over the forehead will work to create balance in your face. Your face shape also allows for a longer, more disheveled look.

Gents with an oval shaped head can pull off literally any hair cut they damn well like. So, good for you I guess. We aren’t jealous or anything… Although, we would caution against a full fringe; but that’s also just general life advice.

So there you have it, everyone has to follow the rules except for oval heads. Stick to styling your hair around your face shape and we promise you’ll never have a bad hair day again. Seriously.

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