The three anti ageing skin care tips you NEED to know

If you’re new to the whole skin care thing, wading through the masses of anti ageing products can be pretty daunting. To help make things a bit easier we’ve collated all our need-to-know anti ageing skin care tips for you. Here’s our run down of when to spend and when to save on anti ageing skin care.

If George Clooney’s popularity is anything to go by we can assume that men get cooler with age. But, it’s a reserved kind of aging and it looks like a very well groomed type of ‘older gent’. We can assure you that Mr Clooney’s skincare routine would be longer than his wife’s list of accomplishments… It’s not about showing off your aging skin, it’s about nourishing it so it’s worthy of showing off. In light of this we thought we’d better put together a guide to anti aging to help you sift through the sea ‘anti aging’ and nail the basics.

Man looking at his reflection; using facial toner

First up, we need to clear something up. What is anti-aging? Is this body wash really anti aging or is it just marketing rubbish. Anti-aging just means that a product’s ingredients will protect you from free radicals rather than actually protecting you from aging. Free radicals are to thank for the dry skin and wrinkles; you’ll find them hanging out in food, our DNA and even sunlight. So if a product is listed as anti ageing it means that it will stop these nasties messing with your skin, which in turn will stop your skin appearing aged. Look for ingredients like retinol, salicylic acid, acai oils and other natural ingredients.

So, now we’ve cleared up what exactly anti ageing is, let’s get to the essentials; the anti ageing skin care tips. Here’s the things you should and shouldn’t be putting on your face:

A cleanser

If you’re going to skimp on anti-aging skin care, let’s be honest, your cleanser is where you’ll be able to do so. We’d suggest opting for a more moisturising, simple cleanser that’s easy on your wallet rather than exxy cleanser as in reality, it’s just going to be washed off! Our pick for an easy, every day cleanser is this one by Triumph and Disaster.

A moisturiser

A moisturiser is essential for not only anti aging but for hydrating your skin. It’s a fact you’re familiar with if you care about skin care: hydrated skin looks WAY better than dry, dull and wrinkly skin; you’ve heard it before we know but, moisture is essential to skin that will look good literally your whole life. So moisturiser is a good place to inject some anti-aging free radicals into your routine; we’re obsessed with this Truefitt and Hill moisturiser at the moment; it’s packed full of Q1o and it protects against the sun.

A serum
This step is a non-negotiable anti-ager. A serum is designed specifically to deliver your skin its much needed dose of relief to dryness, redness, wrinkles, dark spots etc etc, you get the gist. When picking a product check the ingredients list and make sure it’s filled with free radical fighting ingredients. If not, give it a miss.

An eye cream
Eyes are make or break for revealing your age. From dark circles, dodgy eyebrows and dry, wrinkled skin your eyes dictate your age to whoever is looking. An eye cream is a definite place to splurge on anti ageing ingredients; if you don’t you can kiss your dreams of a Clooney level of old-age style away!


The verdict? Your treatment products are where you need to splurge on anti-ageing ingredients. But, if you can go all out, do! The best cure to anti-ageing really is prevention; so slap on some sunscreen and get started already. If you’re keen for more anti ageing skin care tips, check our gentHacks. tab.

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