3 ways to take your man bun from casual to executive

This one’s for all the gents out there with Jason Momoa man bun envy. You’ve spent so much time growing out your locks, we get it, you’re invested in the bun. It’s only right we help you keep it as long as possible, and make sure you can rock it in any situation.

The good news is, the man bun is very easy to do and is an ideal hairstyle if you have chin-length or longer hair. We’re here to make sure you can rock it in any situation. Even in the office.

So, lets get down to business and learn how to do a man bun, shall we? It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Keep it clean.

Nothing is worse than dirty hair. Except for dirty hair that you can smell from a mile away. In order to rock the man bun it’s important to wash your hair at least once a week. If you’re not washing your hair because you’re worried it won’t sit right in a bun, stick with us, it’s all in the product!

To keep your hair looking as professional as possible you need to make sure you are keeping it frizz free and secure. After washing and conditioning your hair with The Groomed Man Co Musk Have Hair & Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, be sure to gently run a brush through your hair.


2. The Don Draper of man buns.

Remember: there is a time and place for the disheveled man bun and the office isn’t the time nor is it the place. If your office man bun were a person it would be the Don Draper of man buns. With that in mind, it’s time to add some volume and grit (just like Mr Draper), to do this simply give your strands a quick spritz of the Layrite Grooming Spray.

Now that you’ve prepped your hair, it’s time to apply your next product. If you want a matte finish our go-to is the Imperial Matte Pomade Paste or if you prefer a slick and shiny up-do get your hands on some Layrite Supershine.

Scoop a small amount of product in your hands and rub them together to warm it up. Run the product through your locks with your fingers open for the best coverage, concentrating mainly on the mid-lengths and ends.


3. Dress for the man bun you want, not the man bun you have…

Now your product is in (doing its thing), it’s time to tie your executive man bun. Pull your hair back tightly into a ponytail and wrap a hairband around it to secure. On the last wrap, pull the ponytail only half way through to create a loop, with the ends of your hair facing down towards the back of your head. Done!

You’d think we would stop once your bun is on point… But as the saying goes, ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’ the same too applies for man buns. If you’re going to rock the man bun in the office you need to make sure you look like you belong in an office.

There’s nothing edgier than a well ironed suit, crisp white shirt, some timeless leather shoes and… a slicked back executive man bun. 


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