To stubble or not to stubble?


Whether or not you should rock the stubble look is all dependent on your face, jaw line and growth. To be fair these are all pretty subjective so we’re going to go ahead and just say it – stubble almost always looks good.

Before you go taking our word as gospel though, we need to make a couple of things clear. Stubble isn’t always appropriate and it definitely depends on your setting.

Ok, now that we have got that out of the way, it’s time to get you rocking the perfect stubble.

Depending on your face, your job and basically what you want to look like you have a couple of choices when it comes to type of stubble.

  1. Pre Lumberjack look: This is a longer, more natural growth with minimal maintenance required.
  2. Relaxed and casual: This is a mid range growth with rounded tidy lines.
  3. Designer stubble: Short, defined, with clean lines.

If you’re more of the corporate type with a defined jaw line then you’re going to want to go with our favourite, the designer stubble look.

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To make and maintain this look, you’re going to need to get your hands on a quality electric shaver. The devil is in the detail here, so you need a shaver with interchangeable clipper heads.


  1. Get your beard to around the 1cm length. For best results, grow it out from a Friday and trim it up on Monday morning.
  1. Make sure you always trim with a dry face. You can sculpt lines with a razor after the stubble is trimmed to the right length.
  1. Trim the hair on your neck from your Adam’s apple out to each side of your neck to your desired length. Personally, we recommend something like a 0.5 length trimmer head (but each trimmer is different so test them first).
  1. With this same trimmer head, angle the tip and cutting with the grain come down at the desired sideburn length and continue the line down your jaw.
  1. Now the easy part; run the trimmer over your beard till you have achieved an even length. Note: trim with the grain for a slightly longer (darker) stubble, or against the grain for traditional short designer stubble.
  2. Once you’re happy with the length and consistency, lather your face with shaving cream around the edges – not too thick though so you can still see the shape of your beard.
  1. Take your razor and tidy up your cheeks by defining the line from your sideburn to your moustache.
  1. Similarly, tilt your head back and follow a mid throat line, being sure to shave downward. Note: For those with a very strong jaw line, you can also shave from right below the jaw line for a very clean, defined look.
  1. Wash your face off, pat dry and you’re good to go.


Team this look with a faded hair cut, styled with some length on top for a killer combination.

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