The Perfect Fade


Winter is officially over so it’s time to start thinking about getting your summer style in check.

Your hair style is one of the most important features of ‘you’. It says a hell of a lot more than you may think, especially on first impression. One of the most diverse hair styles is a faded pomade. It’s great because of its versatility as it can be styled fresh for corporate life, or a little more rough and textured for the weekend shenanigans.

Firstly, what is a fade?

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A fade is a style of clipping when cutting men’s hair. Essentially, a barber will shorten the sides and back of your hair with the clippers at one length, and then move to a closer shave as they move down to your neck. This sounds basic, but believe us when we say it is an art form.

Now the perfect fade is subjective, and really what’s good for some isn’t always good for all but that’s fashion in general, right? Be sure to be comfortable with the amount of fade you get, because at the end of the day you need to be confident with how you look. Too short and you’re going to turn heads, too long and you might as well not bother.

Talk to your barber, get their advice before you commit and play it safe by starting at a normal length (number 4), and move down as you see fit.

If you have a strong jaw line, a relatively slim face and really want to turn heads, push the envelope a bit and go for a zero fade. This is basically the closest save with clippers you can get without getting into the straight blade territory.

It doesn’t look as hectic as you might think, in fact it actually blends perfectly with designer stubble which gives a really clean look.

Style your fade with a bit of length on top if you can to create a pomade look. Blow-dry it up with a curling brush to get a bit of wave in it while at the same time, having a straightening effect. Once you’ve got it falling the way you want, work some texturing clay in the palm of you hand until all the clumps are gone, then starting from the back of your head (so you don’t get a super shiny and oily fringe), work your fingers through your hair to create texture while getting the hold you want.

Your fade game is about to be all time, enjoy.

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