Product Review: Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser


A few blog posts ago we broke down the steps to cleansing, and so today we thought we would review one of our favourite cleansers for you.

Let me introduce myself – I’m Keith, Resident blogger at gentSac and your every day gent – always wanting to be my best self but typically not being too pro-active about it. I’m here to review the products I use from gentSac – so every now and then I will give you my recommendation based on my true experience as well as grooming tips that will help even the most basic of groomers. I’ve been using Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser for the past week so this review is straight from the horses mouth.


So like most guys, I’m not really one to rush out and buy something like a cleanser. It’s just not part of my daily routine and so I never gave it much thought… until now that is.

Let’s start with the blurb on the tube; Less is more when it comes to your face. Normal soap will dry your skin faster than frying an egg in the midday sun so tread carefully but carry a big stick. This be your stick. Use daily.

That pretty much says it all. This tube of awesomeness delivers just what you need for daily care without having to think about your routine, or wake up any earlier. Leave this bad boy in the shower and use it just before you turn the taps off.

What I’ve found is, if you have a shave before jumping in the shower your skin is going to be feeling a little distressed. Incorporate the application of the Ritual Face Cleanser while you’re in the shower as part of your usual shower routine and then pat dry and you feel this weird freshness.

My final tip would be to follow this with moisturiser before you grab your keys, phone and wallet and run out the door. I’m using the Triumph & Disaster Game Face Moisturiser and it’s doing the trick nicely. It just leaves your skin feeling smooth as silk and looking like a million bucks.

Don’t shy away from this gentlemen, it’s going to take your game to the next level so it’s well worth it.

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