3 simple tweaks to take your normal outfit to the next level


It’s not just the girls getting sick of what’s in their wardrobe, we are all a bit tired of wearing the same thing time and time again. You have no doubt mixed the combinations of shirts and jeans, jackets and chinos so many times you are genuinely left with no more options… or are you?

We’re going to show you three simple tweaks you can make to your day to day outfit to turn heads.

  1. Rolled Jeans

Sounds like nothing, right? You’d be surprised what a difference this can make to your overall look. If you’re rather partial to rocking that clean and simple look of dress shoes, jeans & dress shirt then add a slight roll to your jeans to expose the contrasting colour.

This tweak can add an edge to your look without hardly trying. This works really well if you wear a light colour denim shirt with dark denim or black jeans.

Rolled Jeans

(Image via instagram.com/blakescott_)

2) Rolled T-shirt Sleeves 

Now you’re thinking, again with the roll? Really? But trust us on this, it totally works. So many guys wear basic T’s with jeans – it’s a staple that always works.

Now take that basic scoop neck t-shirt out of your draw, put it on and add a one inch roll of each sleeve, twice. Super simple and super effective, especially if you have been hitting the gym.

rolled sleves


(Image via instagram.com/roque_80)

3) Pushed Up Blazer / Sports Coat

One of our favourite looks is a sports coat over a t-shirt. This look is the epitome of smart casual, but what if you could take that look a little further too?

Well you can and it’s as simple as pushing the sleeves up to just under your elbow. This creates the perfect smart casual look for summer without even trying.

Blazer Pushed Up (1)


(Image via instagram.com/blakescott_)

Feel free to accessorise – add a chain or a watch to this equation and you have a guaranteed head turning outfit without parting with any cash.

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