Product Review: Cella Shave Cream

Cella Shave Cream - 150g



I’m back! You might have seen one of my last product review posts on Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser but if not let me introduce myself again. I’m Keith, resident blogger & social media manager at gentSac. I’m letting you in on my thoughts toward Cella shaving cream today.


I’ve been using the 150g Cella shaving cream for the past month which I think is ample time for fair judgment, so here goes.

My initial reaction when I opened the rounded red case was, how the hell do I use this? It was early in the morning so give me a break, I hadn’t had a coffee yet.

I unscrewed the lid to find the white cream was more of a hard paste than a cream, not dissimilar to the texture of a strong matte hair wax. I was instantly hungry thanks to the smell – it’s like one of those Italian Almond cookies – mouthwateringly good.

What I quickly learned is that you need to wet the bristles of your shaving brush and then, in a circular motion, run it over the Cella shaving cream a few times till it starts to lather on your brush.

If you don’t already have a a shaving brush, you’ll need to purchase one either before or when you buy your Cella shaving cream (it’s an investment, every good gent should make).


Lathering my wet face with my badger brush, I’ve got to say it works extremely well. Until now, I’ve been using either the shaving stick you buy off the shelf at Woolworths or a canned shaving cream but one use of Cella and I’m sold.

It lathers fast, works well and smells good too but best of all it leaves your skin feeling brilliant afterward. It’s priced very well so it won’t break the bank to add to your gentSac. and it’ll do your face a world of good if you’re accustom to the mediocre world of shaving cream from a can.

Shave, cleanse, moisturise and put you best face forward.

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