Choosing the right cologne for different occasions.


As I (Keith) prepare to attend a wedding, a birthday dinner and night out with friends this weekend I thought I would let you in on some of my tips on matching cologne to the occasion.

Cologne is an understated detail to compliment your style, so just like you would wear a t-shirt to some events and a collared shirt to others, cologne is there to match your wardrobe choice.

Examples of this based on the events I’m attending this weekend are as follows.

For an occasion like a wedding, you want to have a sophisticated scent to raise eyebrows while you’re kissing cheeks and shaking hands. I usually go for a bold cologne that has a balance of musk and a hint of floral. My go to for this mix is ‘One Million’ by Paco Rabanne.

Heading to a birthday dinner in spring lends itself to something seasonal. Spring is all about that fresh, crisp spritz that plays well with the feeling of the sun on your skin. Rock something like ‘Champion Energy’ by Davidoff.

Finally and probably most commonly, a little something for your nights out with friends. If you’re looking to turn heads for more than just your look, it’s always a good idea to keep it classy yet punchy with something that makes mouths water.


The latest fragrance by Truefitt and Hill – 1805 will do the trick nicely, with an intricate blend of elements that are fresh, raw and nobel all at the same time. Guaranteed to get you a few double takes on the walk by, this may be all you need to break the ice and strike up that conversation.

Spray away, gentlemen.

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