The right sunglasses for your face

We all wear them, but do you give your sunglasses much of a thought before buying them? If not, well you should.

Sunglasses are a statement accessory that say a lot about who you are. It may sound like we are overthinking this but really, we’re not. Consider the frequency of which you wear your sunglasses – almost every day right? An everyday item that you give very little thought to is strange, we want to change that.

If you’re in the market to buy some new sunnies as we approach summer, then you need to give some thought to your facial structure and then consider what styles compliment your face.

For example, if you’re someone with a strong jaw line and long face then you are going to want to look at sunglasses with more defined angles – you’re classic Ray-Bans Wayfarer perhaps.

If you have a bigger nose, be sure to go for something that sits out off your face a little more, this will help create a proportionate effect rather than accentuating.

If you have softer features with understated angles then you are able to play with a multitude of different styles. The style that we would recommend simply because they are on trend right now is a rounded frame, tortoise shell style.


Remember to spend that bit extra and get polarised lenses to save your eyes from the damaging sun. These may cost a little more but it’s totally worth it to protect your eyes but also because all colours look so much better through them.

Now slip, slop, slap on your Ray-Bans boys – We’ll see you at the beach.

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