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Firstly – I just want to say a big Thank you for the positive feedback I received from my first blog including our Interview with all round nice guy and fitness legend Blake Worrall-Thompson!

It was incredibly exciting to see how well received the gentSac concept is – not alone for our product offerings and grooming solutions for gents – but importantly for our blog as a conversation opener for the kinds of things men in general don’t discuss openly.

Yesterday I was having a coffee with my Hubby and a friend (male) and we tapped into a conversation about mental health and how there are so many silent sufferers. As I sipped my cappuccino – the two gents took over the conversation talking about how women potentially find it easier to cope purely because they speak more openly to their friends, family etc where men often don’t feel they can talk about it. Hearing the guys get involved in this topic made me realise that gentSac stands for everything men need and we are on the right track in delivering a community for Men where they can openly engage, discuss and gain value across a lot of topics that should be accessible to them including the fundamental necessity of looking after themselves and grooming.

Today I share with you an Interview with NRL Ambassador – Beau Champion (who recently retired from Pro Rugby League due to a knee Injury) and his very good friend – President of F45 North America – Marc Marano. The gents were kind enough to sit down with me after receiving their first gentSac and I have to say – it was a lot of fun! I got some real insight into the needs of Elite sportsmen and their thoughts on Mens grooming.


How did you hear about gentSac?

Marc: A friend recommended it to me. I ended up getting the Active gentSac and I was immediately hooked. I recommended it to Beau.

Great! Do you think in general men prefer getting a recommendation from a friend before trying out a new concept/brand etc?

Marc: Absolutely. Men tend to be creatures of habit. They often stick to what they know and don’t give it too much thought. If a friend highly recommends something – that’s usually when we’ll give something new a try. If we love something – we will recommend it to all our friends – especially if we feel it enhances our life or lifestyle.

So what did you think of your gentSac??

Marc: gentSac is an unbelievable idea. We are busy guys. We get up at 4:30, we generally don’t finish till 8pm, we are time poor and we rarely have the time to shop or go sourcing great products. Without a doubt we want to care for ourselves and there’s always room for improvement. I felt that gentSac came up with a solution for men – firstly in terms of identifying what they need, offering premium brands, putting together the right selection of essentials and then delivering it to our door. It’s insanely efficient and valuable.

Beau: I’m a gentSac fan – it makes so much sense and beyond that the selection of products is what makes the concept even better because more often than not we really don’t know what to choose. Believe it or not I want to look after my skin etc – this  is a really proactive approach in ensuring I have everything I need for my self care as a man which can easily become bottom of the priority list but really shouldn’t.

You mentioned you are really busy and time poor. Can you give us a little more insight into your daily schedules?

Marc: Up at 4:30/5 every morning to get my training in early. I also check in on the guys doing the training sessions at F45 to ensure everyone is set for a great class. I usually have coffee with my sister after my training and then head home to shower and get ready for a busy day which is often spent mostly on the phone!

Beau: Similar to Marc – I am up early but I’m coming in to F45 Matraville to put on the classes! Then I am working with the South Sydney Rabbitohs during the day and back to F45 in the evening training another two classes. It’s a full schedule! I’m so flat out – before gentSac I know I wasn’t doing enough to look after myself or moisturise or anything like that regularly.

So on that note – what would you typically use before gentSac?

Marc: I would never really pro-actively buy anything unless I had run out. Ideally I would always have Shower Gel, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Face Moisturiser and Beard oil but previous to gentSac they would be last minute, rushed purchases.

Beau: Yeah exactly – I mean the basic essentials for me are Shower Gel, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Face Moisturiser and Face Scrub and hair product – but I generally don’t have the time to figure out what to buy so often I wouldn’t end up getting a Moisturiser or I would get something average.

What about boxers or briefs and socks??

Marc: You would think I would be on top of that – but really I don’t remember to buy new boxers and socks till I am desperate and then I usually buy in bulk. I love that you supply these in my gentSac. I like that I’m getting a bit of variety. I opt for receiving it every two months – so a fresh pair of boxers and socks every two months is awesome – I might even want two in each pack!

Beau: Ha yeah – nothing like the feeling of a fresh pair of boxers and socks!!!

Me: I hear that a lot from every man I speak to about this topic!Forblog


What are your thoughts on Men and their priorities when it comes to grooming?

Marc: Well, we live in a world where appearance really does matter and not just in a superficial way. Guys don’t really talk about it much but we need to care about how we present ourselves – it basically affects everything we do. If you want to do well at work, on a date, in a meeting etc the perception you give is heavily based on the exterior – not so much just in vein terms, but it’s very clear when someone looks after themselves and weather its shaving, styling your hair, being dressed nicely – all of these things affect the outcome of anything you are trying to achieve. Basically grooming needs to be a priority – its self care.

Beau: Totally Agree. When you do look after yourself, dress well etc you feel good! If you feel good you do better – anything you try to achieve – it starts with how you feel – its a mental approach and it matters!

Thanks guys – really great feedback. Ok so what was your favourite product in your gentSac??

Marc: I love the JS Sloane Beard Oil! I never really used one before – it really softens my beard and smells amazing. I also love the Mossman Boxers – they will be all I use from now on!

Beau: I am into the Triumph and Disaster GameFace Moisturiser!! Great smell and just what I needed. I also think the ‘low- show’ Swanky socks are really cool.

Nice one – so good to hear you are happy with what we offer! Last question is just for you Beau. Tell me – what’s it like in the locker rooms. Any inside info you can share about our NRL players and their grooming routines??

Beau: Haha well we have a few pretty boys that take a lot of care with their grooming actually!! Seriously though – especially the guys that are in the spotlight a fair bit – they do value their grooming routine and put in a bit of effort – some of them even style their hair before a game!! In saying that there are a few that could definitely improve or do more. I guess we don’t really talk about it too much – we just do our own thing – some are more into it than others – but that’s not to say that the guys that aren’t grooming more don’t want to – I think they might just be a bit unsure about it and wouldn’t know where to start.

Thank you so much to Marc and Beau for their open and generous answers AND for their incredible support and belief in gentSac!

Well there you go – real men, real insight and another reminder that gentlemen – it is perfectly ok to make grooming a priority – in fact, most of you probably really want to and you know what – you deserve to be the best man you can be, so get grooming gents – you will never look back.

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