Suited For Summer


Every man loves a good suit, and any excuse to suit up. That being said, it’s always hard to find that perfect suit to keep you comfortable in those often sweltering summer temps.

This is an age old dilemma for those gentlemen who tend to enjoy the finer things in life like Ivy Pool parties and dining on the balcony at Catalina, Rose Bay.

This doesn’t need to be such a headache, it simply requires a little thought toward your summer suit wardrobe and an understanding of best summer fabrics which we are about to give you.

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Let’s look at your best friends when it comes to breathable fabrics.

Wool: Don’t dismiss us that quickly just yet, it may sound hot but it doesn’t have to be. The insider tip here is to go for a high twist wool in an open weave so as to allow the fabric to breath easier.

Cotton – Silk Blend: This is where it’s at! If you’re a man who likes to look sharp at all times, not just at cocktail events but perhaps the races or polo, then you can’t go past a cotton-silk blend. This combination was made specifically for those struggling with 30 degree celsius temps on the regular.

Throw yourself into a cotton – silk blend and you are guaranteed to always look slick, smart and most importantly feel cool.

For that next level of suiting we recommend a custom made suit and with that in mind please check out Institchu. Experts in tailoring a suit just for you – you can even pick your fabric – the Ultimate choice and personal touch.

Now suit up, gentlemen.

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