Why Successful Men invest in Men’s grooming


I’d like to start today with a quote we posted on our Facebook and Instagram:

‘Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can’

It really sets the tone doesn’t it? Dream Big. Think Big. Be the person who can achieve the massive goals you want to achieve.

With that thought in mind, we draw on inspiration from men who have achieved a level of success and we explore where their self care and personal grooming fits into their equation of success. So far, all the answers have been very similar indeed: a man’s grooming and self care routine is a clear indicator of his self awareness. The time invested into choosing the right products, maintaining good skin or achieving a cool looking beard is on par with eating well, going to the gym and picking a dapper shirt. It says a lot about who you are and sets the benchmark for how you go about achieving things.

Today I share with you an interview with the founders of the leading custom suiting brand InStitchu. James Wakefield and Robin McGowan have been mates for years and fresh out of uni, after starting to climb the corporate ladder themselves they noticed there were no suits available that could be customised at a reasonable price. In 2012 they launched their concept where men coulbuy a custom suit designed completely to their specifications and made to their measurements at a very competitive price. Gold. So I got some real feedback as to why men should be paying attention to their daily grooming routine.

Founders of InStitchu checking out their first gentSac
Founders of InStitchu with their first gentSac!

I’d love to know what you guys think about the idea of Men’s Grooming and your current routine? 

James: Well I have a bit of a funny story.. A couple of years ago we we’re interviewing a young guy for a job and basically at the end of the interview he innocently made a throw away comment about me being much older than him – but we were the same age! Later we were talking about this comment in the office and one of the ‘older’ gents asked me if I moisturise…. To cut a long story short – I started moisturising from then on and realised the importance of looking after my skin. I also use a face wash and all the other essentials – deodorant, toothpaste, shower gel, basically everything you have put together in a gentSac including boxers and socks. I also use Pomade in my hair.

Robin: How detailed do you want me to be? Ha – well yeah I really place importance on grooming and looking after myself. So I cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin. I like brands that use natural products. I like to exfoliate my body every now and then and I use Shampoo and hair product as well as all the other basics.

What do you like about the gentSac concept?

James: I really like that gentSac has sourced a range of excellent products and brands so I can trust that I am getting everything I need and it saves me time whilst I’m actually able to enhance my grooming routine. The selection of products in a gentSac covers exactly what I use and it’s great that I can also customise it. Much like a custom made suit, it covers my personal needs whilst not compromising on quality and is very affordable.

Robin: I like that you receive the gentSac regularly and that you can choose how often you receive it. I also like that you add in samples so I can try new products that I might also want to purchase.

What do you think about the fact that gentSac are trying to bring more attention to Men’s grooming and Men looking after themselves better?

Robin: Love it – it’s great, really important and exciting for the gents in Australia.

James: I think it’s great – I think men don’t talk about it enough – maybe they don’t feel comfortable or maybe it doesn’t come naturally but most of us want to take better care of ourselves and don’t really know where to start. It’s great that you’re also providing insight and education through your blog.

Ok – last question – do you like the idea of receiving a fresh pair of boxers and socks along with your grooming products?

James: Yeah – I generally don’t buy them till I’m desperate and then I’ll buy 10 pairs at once. It would be nice to get a fresh pair every couple of months.

Robin: Yeah me too – I’ll buy in bulk but i think it would be great to receive a new pair every couple of months with everything else I need. Awesome.

Founders Of Institchu
InStitchu Co-Founders James Wakefield & Robin McGowan

It is exciting to know that we are on the right track in delivering a service that Men need and want. It is also inspiring for the gents out there that want to make their dreams a reality – you really can do anything – just remember to invest in the things that allow you to be your best self and dream big.


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