What Your Hair Says About You

First impressions are important. From the first handshake to the way you dress, people are already forming a perception of you, but what does your hair say about you? The way you style your hair can give off a number of different impressions and even shift the way the you are approached in the public eye. While personality is, above all, the overarching factor in first impressions, let’s see what is the first impression men’s hairstyles gives off based on some vox pops I conducted over the week:



Type of Person: Someone who lives a very disciplined or simple life
Occupation: Army Soldier or Navy Seal
Hobbies: DIY and bodybuilding
Music Taste: Rock
Most Likely Seen At: Bunnings Wareh0use



Type of Person: A streetwise person who loves city living and high-end goods
Occupation: Office worker or someone who works in sales
Hobbies: Clubbing, drinking and schmoozing
Music Taste: RnB or Hip-Hop
Most Likely Seen At: The Club

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Type of Person: Smooth talker, may or may not have expensive taste
Occupation: Lawyer
Hobbies: Golf
Music Taste: Urban and House
Most Likely Seen At: Work

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Type of Person: A confident and self-assured person who probably works at a hairdresser who has people to keep his hair on fleck.
Occupation: Hairdresser.
Hobbies: Making hair tutorials on YouTube or styling and shopping blog posts.
Music Taste: EDM and Top 40.
Most Likely Seen At: A hip bar or hairdressers.

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Type of Person: Hipster
Occupation: Nobody knows, but he’s creative and he lives in Bondi
Hobbies: Surfing, skating, coffee connoisseur, wine tasting, art, anything generally creative
Music Taste: Avant-Garde Experimental and Indie Folk music. Whatever is on trend, but not popular
Most Likely Seen At: The beach, a coffee shop, or bars that are trendy, but not too trendy



Type of Person: A free spirit
Occupation: Anything to help cultivate the natural environment
Hobbies: Travelling and sharing love with people
Music Taste: Anything with an acoustic guitar and new age music
Most Likely Seen At: You won’t see him, he’s too busy exploring the world

Time to think about what your hair style says about you?!

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