An Interview with Will Rogers discussing Start-up Success and the need for Men’s Grooming

gentSac blog - Interview with Will Rogers

Hi, Happy New Year and Welcome to 2016!

It’s that time of year again – when we all feel like we have a clean slate – a chance to redeem ourselves, to soul search and look down the path of being our best selves. Well – not everyone believes in goal setting on the first of Jan – but whether you have New Year Resolutions or simply goals you set out at any time of the year – there are vibes in the air and it feels like 2016 is the year of kicking goals, reaching new heights and improving in every aspect.

On this note I wanted to write my first blog of 2016 after an Interview with Will Rogers discussing Start-up Success and the need for Men’s Grooming. Will is a successful Start-up entrepreneur, Founder, Father and cool dude.1D4A6384

His start-up success? Well – Will Rogers is the Co-Founder of Kent and Lime – a service that makes shopping easy for men. Essentially, you sign up and fill out a quick style profile and a Personal Stylist will send out clothes to fit your budget and style! It’s a revolutionary way for Men to shop and improve their general appearance without needing to know much about brands or fashion and like gentSac – it’s delivered to their door – brilliant.

Can you tell me a little bit about your background before K&L.

I’ve been in retail for 15 years – originally from the UK, starting at TK Max as an assistant buyer I got to learn what retail was all about from a customers point of view and a buying and supply point of view. After 5 years I was given the opportunity to start Menswear at ASOS. This was a fantastic opportunity because I joined the team when it was such early days and it opened up the complexity of understanding the psychology behind guys shopping online and what was going to be their motivation to buy online.

Starting Kent and Lime really brought together all of my experience and gave me a platform to activate everything I have learned.

I feel there is a very strong synergy between our businesses as K&L is a service based business focusing on Men – so  I’m really interested to know what you prioritise in providing value to your customers.

We exist to take the hassle out of shopping – and aim to do that in a way that educates men and makes it fun. The guys that are our customers have money to spend, they are intelligent, they know what shopping is and the need for it but they find it a hassle – so if we can be accurate and relevant enough to send them the stuff they need and then get them to come back – that’s what we exist to do.

Awesome. gentSac can totally relate to that in the Mens Essential Grooming space. How do you feel about seeing our emerging brand –  who are defined by the same principals and specialising in Premium Mens grooming?

I think its smart, I think it makes sense. There’s a lot of noise in the consumers world and consumers are more focused around authenticity, relevance and quality. They are price conscience however these other elements take priority and have a bigger influence on their purchasing decisions. So if gentSac can connect with your customers in a really authentic way where they can see the value that you add I think what you are doing is awesome. Its really important to stress it goes far beyond the price. Price is not a value proposition if you are selling quality products, provide an excellent customer experience and add value which you guys are doing really well at an early stage.

Thank you!! So on that note having experienced a gentSac – what are your thoughts??

I think your selection of brands and products are fantastic – they are very high quality and really stand out in comparison to what you buy in a supermarket. The selection you offer in a gentSac really covers the essentials. As a man I wouldn’t think to buy all these items at once or even consciously consider the fact that I need them . Now I really want to subscribe because I actively feel like I need these products. Essentially I already use the products I’m just not good at thinking about buying them or knowing what to buy or where to get the better brands. I want to receive a gentSac every two months – that would be awesome. I also like the fact that you select the brands each time as I like the element of trying new things.

That is really amazing feedback! What was your favourite product in your gentSac?

The Biology Body wash!! Great smell, Eco friendly and looks nice in the Shower!

So – K&L have been around for two years and are definitely kicking some goals. Any advise for a brand specialising in Men and offering a service?

Always get to know who your customer is. Your customer will change over time – always know who they are and communicate with them well.

Great advise! Thank you for letting me pick your brain and for being so generous with your answers. I’m thinking there’s potential for a collaboration?!

Yes – absolutely!


So you may just need to stay tuned gentlemen – it’s looking like 2016 really could take grooming and personal care to a whole new level!


For those interested in the gentSac Will received here it is…

The products included here are: Biology Body Wash, Truefitt and Hill Cologne in Sandalwood, Classic Strong Mint Marvis Toothpaste, Anthony Logistics Deodorant (proceeds go to Prostate Cancer), Handsome Face Moisturiser, Mosmann Briefs, Swanky Socks.



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