What Beard Suits Your Face?

To grow a beard, all you need to do is sit and wait for the thing to reach its full potential right? The story is often the opposite, those beards that you see that sit so well sculpted on a man’s face comes from regular grooming. But to look your best, you should choose a style/shape that best suits your face. But if you’re at the start of your beard journey and direction is something that you are lacking – perhaps the following thought may occur, “how do I know what will suit my face?” In terms of styling, it is a general rule that each person should choose a style that compliments and shapes the contours of their face. Now the modern day working man has no time to scour the internet to find grooming charts or inspiration pictures so we here at GentSac have found the perfect infographic to save you time when deciding how to groom your beard. Although these are general guidelines, don’t be afraid to flex your creativity and chase a beard like Saneca Crane from the Hunger Games.



Infographic sourced from Craig the BarberMashable

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