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Editor of Men’s Lifestyle website – Nick Vodicka came across gentSac and decided to make an order by creating his own customised gentSac. Here’s what he had to say:

As an editor of a men’s lifestyle site, I’ve picked up a thing or two about men’s grooming. In fact, I’ve developed a habit of trying out as many different products as I can get my hands on. When I came across gentSac, who provide expertly curated bundles of men’s grooming essentials, I was pretty keen to check out their service and product offering.

Heygents blog - gentsac

In terms of brands, with some of my personal favourites leading the charge such as Triumph & Disaster and Baxter of California, they were already on the fast track to winning me over. Beyond labels, the gentSac concept is where the value really lies for men – and it works on a few different levels.

Firstly, they offer a range of curated gentSacs with varying products included depending on your lifestyle. Everything from full grooming and essentials kits such as The Corporate Man and The Modern Man to something more basic like Hair or Shave. Pick a gentSac and it’s yours, filled with everything you need. Secondly, to save us all from that inevitable period of time when you haven’t had a chance to go to the shops or order a new batch, you can subscribe to gentSac and all your products will turn up at your door without you having to lift a finger. Pick your time frame, ranging from once a month to every three months, and then cross ‘buy deodorant’ off your to-do list for life (along with all your other grooming goods).

As a generally picky guy and sucker for anything custom, one of my favourite things about gentSac is that you can build your own. Being able to choose the exact products I want and always receiving a restock when I need is definitely what drew me in most. If you’re interested in creating your own gentSac, the gentSac team actually call you up and help you choose the right products to meet your needs which is really refreshing to see from a primarily online business, or any business in fact.

Lastly, when you buy a gentSac you grab a nice discount compared to if you were to buy all the products separately. I can really see this service working for a range of different men. Everyone from the corporate guy who doesn’t really have time to research the best products to use and set aside time every month to stock up again, to the guy like me who knows what he likes and just doesn’t want to run out and have to borrow his girlfriend’s overly fragranced body wash ever again. Plus who doesn’t enjoy a good discount.

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I took the opportunity to explore some products that I hadn’t tried before in my gentSac. Here’s what was included:

Written by Nick Vodicka.

All Images include products received by Nick Vodicka and were all taken by Heygents.

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