Introducing the YLF body wash and why it’s so awesome

YLF body wash - gentSac.

Mason Feehan from the team at Triumph and Disaster writes about the YLF body wash and why it’s so awesome.

Blog number one, numero uno, the first of what will be a regular feature on gentSac’s epic blog.

Well, what better way to kick it off than with a product that’s a little bit off the beaten track in the world of men’s grooming, has a little bit of character and an acronym for a name that can take two alias’.

YLF body wash - gentSac.

Triumph and Disaster have been in the game of skincare for almost 5 years now and during that time we’ve always been advocates for taking time and preparing one’s self for whatever life throws at you. Creating rituals to put yourself in better stead to take on the world; and I’d imagine a number of you already have this. Cleansing and scrubbing your skin on a Monday post a big weekend at the beach, a wash of the hair to remove the sand, or cigar smoke, depending where you’ve been hanging out, and a shave to remove the designer stubble that’s accumulated.  We say that’s about ten minutes worth of time well spent with 4 or 5 different products used in the process.

We have, however been forced to accept that time is scarce, and not every guy  has 10 minutes to get themselves prepared for whatever reason. A number of these guys were hitting us up for a product that sorted everything out in 5 minutes flat. Shaving, Shampooing, Cleansing and Washing the body all had to be sorted by the one product, a task we decided to take, reluctantly however as it somewhat challenged our values on the importance of timely preparation.

To the drawing board we went, with a small chip on our shoulder and an acronym to describe these complaining, time poor men and an appropriate project name – YLF, you lazy f___; or fella, depending on who you’re talking to. With that sorted, we decided the wash needed to do 4 simple things well:


  1. Cleanse the skin and hair, without the use of Harsh Chemicals. We used plant and coconut extracts, combined with Kawakawa, a New Zealand native shrub, to provide a super gentle cleanse.
  2. Hydrate the skin. We utilised the smoothing and hydrating effects of Argan and Rosewood Oil.
  3. It should smell great, but not be too strong because you are in the shower, not the car wash. We combined Neroli and Sandalwood to deliver on this woody, earthy promise
  4. It should be nutrient rich and cover the surface of your skin with essential oils and minerals, which is done better by none other than a combination of Argan Oil, Rosewood Oil, Kawakawa and Green Tea Leaf extract.

YLF is the best for the time poor gent - gentSac.

Post-production, we had a pretty bloody great wash on our hands, with the aroma on point and it performing even better, but the team were struggling to come up with a name.  Should we use another legendary music reference, tie it to daily rituals, or simply call it wash and risk it getting lost amongst a raft of other ‘washes’ in the market.  We decided to flag all of that, and name it after it’s inspirers; and like that, YLF Wash was born.

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t just for lazy men, it’s one of the best body washes in the business, and is an essential in any shower, or on a camping or road trip where low maintenance is critical. It is to skincare what the Landrover Defender is to the car industry – low maintenance, high performing and effective.

To highlight this awesome body wash we have partnered up with the team at gentSac. For the month of March – Subscribe to any gentSac and you will recieve one of these FREE with your first order.

gentSac subscription plus Free YLF body wash

Written by Mason Feehan from the team at Triumph and Disaster.

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