Rock & Roll Suicide Scrub your own personal Mr.Wolfe – by the guys at Triumph and Disaster

Grooming for men


Don’t want no Scrub? Well TLC was wrong and you should want one.

Grooming for men

 ‘Scrub’ a word not many of us guys are terribly familiar with, but one we definitely should be. After one use it usually becomes a core member of any guys’ skincare arsenal. Named after the late David Bowie’s final track as Ziggy Stardust, our scrub is one to help you age gracefully and glide into the person you were always destined to be.

For those Tough Mondays and deserved Fridays, there are times when your usual face wash isn’t up to snuff, you need something stronger, wiser and edgier to penetrate through the proverbial “Mondays”. We wanted to create something that could go those extra few yards, really get into those hard to reach spots and cleanse a big weekend or a big working week off of that mug.

Clean - gents

 Skin grows old and peels naturally, if it is left to linger, it forms a layer of dead skin that leads to oil becoming trapped, which in turn leads to unhealthy looking skin. Enter Rock & Roll Suicide Scrub, the cleaner who only needs to come around twice a week. It works to get rid of oil, excess skin and Blackheads, think of it as a Formula 1 buffer/ polisher for your face.

Rock & Roll Suicide scrub has two main constituents in its’ tag team, firstly, Volcanic ash sourced from one of Auckland’s many Volcanoes, this acts as a natural abrasive to exfoliate the face and feel like rubbing a piece of the earths’ mantle on your face should. Secondly, Kaolin & green clay, these work together to draw out dirt and impurities from oily skin, while nourishing it with Iron, Magnesium and Potassium, we call it Kryptonite for Blackheads.

Rock and Roll Suicide Scrub - gentSac

This is begged the question, what do you make a Scrub made from a volcano smell like? Definitely not a rose bud. We asked our fragrance guy to come back with something that would fit the scent profile of “Smoke & Wood” which we reckon he nailed. Built from an amalgamation of Cedarwood, Patchouli, Pine, Eucalyptus, Pepper, Peru, Bergamont, Lavender, Sandalwood & Jasmine.

Use Twice a Week. Use Before Shaving. Use lots of Water. Make a mess.

Use lots of water - gentSac

 By the team and Triumph and Disaster.

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