Our Interview with Editor of Heygents discussing the growing interest in Men’s grooming.

Heygents Interview

gentSac was recently discovered by the Editor of Heygents – leading Australian Mens lifestyle blog. Nick who is a self confessed Modern day gent that is into his grooming decided he wanted to learn  more about what we offer and ended up publishing a very cool write-up where  he shared his experience with the gentSac concept. As a result I decided this was the kind of guy that needed to be interviewed by us so we could find out a little about him and why mens grooming is so important in his eyes.

Heygents Interview

Tell me a little about you and Heygents.

Originally I was a fashion buyer for an online store and I was given the opportunity to become Editor for the Heygents Men’s Lifestyle blog. It was a really cool opportunity and It’s been awesome being part of the growth in our following and engagement. Heygents is essentially a Men’s lifestyle website where we write about cool things for Men that will enhance their lifestyle.

So what are you interested in writing about?

Anything that is design focused with a minimal aesthetic, that can range across fashion, grooming, interior design, tech, architecture and travel.

Which of these categories do you feel is growing in engagement.

Definitely men’s grooming. Before I started this blog I myself wasn’t that well informed about grooming so my personal interest has grown with our readers. Now I take a really keen interest in learning more about products for men and what I can personally use and there is definitely a lot of interest in men looking after themselves better.

HeyGents Interview

A day in  the life?

I start my day with a coffee and an Instagram post! Our office is based in Marrickville but often I’m out meeting brands. Otherwise I’m planning and writing our content and having meetings in the office. I spend most of my time focused on the HeyGents website which is essentially a blog and our social pages.

What are your thoughts on the gentSac concept?

I think it’s a smart and fantastic idea. Personally, I get frustrated with running out of product before I remember to replenish what I need, and being super busy – it happens all the time. I like that you guys are focused on quality brands for men and you offer a subscription service where I can get the products I need on auto and don’t have to worry about shopping for them or running out. I feel like gentSac could really work on different levels for different guys. For anyone like me that is time poor and is just starting to get into men’s grooming more, gentSac saves a lot of time – not just the shopping part, but also finding and researching brands. You’ve curated an awesome range and offer some really essential gentSac kits that most guys could just select and then it just arrives at their door. I do also really like though that you have the option to create your own gentSac and make it more personal to what you like and need. When you called me to do the create your own consultation – I thought it was so helpful because you asked questions that helped me pick products that I needed and worked for me.

That is really wonderful awesome feedback – Thank you! So based on your routine – how often do you want your gentSac to arrive?

Every two months for sure.

Great. Do you like that you can have your undies and socks added into the kit for replenishing?

Yeah – undies and socks are another thing you kind of don’t remember to buy and might wear even when their worn out. I’m not really into patterns or bright colours – but you have some plain Mosmanns and their really soft and comfortable. It does work hand in hand.

So now that you are more into your Grooming routine – what are the key products you use daily?

Body wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair styling product, Face cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, deodorant, Cologne.

You said that you weren’t always that into a grooming routine – how do you feel now that this is normal for you – do you feel any different?

Yeah for sure – I feel really good! It makes me feel more confident and good about myself. I feel like I’m investing in myself. I mean I always washed my hair and used a lot of stuff – I just didn’t put much thought into my routine and didn’t invest in quality product. It really does make a difference though, to my skin and how I feel. It’s also nice to have nice looking product in the bathroom rather than cheap supermarket stuff and it doesn’t work out that much more expensive because the good stuff lasts!

Heygents gentSac products

I want to start signing off my interviews with a bit more of a personal question and a positive message. Do you have a message, or a motto that is important to you which you feel is something positive to share with other men or young men who are figuring out who they are?

That’s a hard one…. I think that with everything that you do – you should always have in the back of your mind that you want to be proud of your decisions. So I guess my message is – think about the man you want to be and make decisions that reflect that kind of man – because you always want to be proud of the choices you make.

That really is a great message – Thank you!

Here’s what Nick selected in his first gentSac:

Hey gents gentSac

Appelles Blackseed Shampoo

Appelles Tamanu Conditioner

Appelles Willow Bark Body wash

Anthony Alcohol Free Deodorant

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste

Mossman Boxer-Briefs

Jack the Snipper Matte Styling Cream

Swanky Socks – Organic Cotton Socks

Triumph and Disaster Shearers Soap

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