An interview with Founder of Dapper Men’s accessory brand on inspiring change and the Dapper revolution.

We recently did a collaboration with the Dapper Men’s accessory brand – Dappertude which got a lot of attention, so to follow on I decided I needed to interview Founder – Johnny Li.

Dappertude and gentSac Collaboration

With a background in retail and a degree in marketing –  Johnny went to Hong Kong to start a full time marketing role and discovered his passion for men’s accessories and creative styling.

What was the inspiration behind starting Dappertude?

I really wanted to help men learn to accessorise better. So many guys end up wearing similar looking suits, I wanted guys to embrace standing out, having a unique style and learning how to make creative changes to their suiting attire with one or two key accessories.

What made you passionate about men’s accessories?

After Uni I went to Hong Kong and one day I walked into a little boutique store whilst wearing a plain navy suit and the man at the store came up to me and placed a really cool pocket square in my jacket and ushered me over to the mirror. I was actually really inspired in that moment because I was amazed at the change and character it had added to my suit with that burst of colour and print.

What was the final catalyst to start?

When I came back to Sydney I couldn’t stop thinking about that moment in the store and I started designing my own line of pocket squares. Everywhere I looked I saw guys in plain Navy or plain black suits and thought to myself – I need to create this line and inspire men to look a little more Dapper!

What has been some of the feedback you’ve received?

The feedback has been awesome. A lot of guys have said that buying a pocket square has been a great investment! Basically, for the price of a schooner – they get an accessory that can really turn a boring suit into a Dapper suit.

Through having your own business and being a busy gent – what are some core values that are important to you.

I try to make sure I have some balance. I work really long hours so it’s important to me to give myself a day off to recharge. I also want to make sure I always feel good by looking good. For me, being Dapper means wearing a nice suit, styling my hair and having nice skin.


How do you look after your skin? Do you think men having a grooming routine is important?

I wash my face everyday, scrub my face once or twice a week and moisturise daily with good quality products. I also like a clean shave. I think it’s an investment to buy great products that have natural ingredients and make us feel good. When you have a good routine you feel positive, and when you have good skin you feel confident!

That’s awesome to hear! So what was has been your favourite products so far from gentSac?

It’s all been so good! I really love the Slightly Sinister Moisturiser – it’s been really helping me hydrate my skin and it doesn’t feel greasy! I’m also a big fan of the Jack the Sniper Pomade! It works! It’s the best one I’ve used and smells great! It also washes out nicely.

Slightly Sinister Moisturiser - gentSac

What are the essentials that you need in your gentSac and how often do you need to receive it?

Ok – so I need Toothpaste, Body wash, face wash, Face scrub, Moisturiser, Pomade, hair conditioner and a pair of undies. I need it every month because the product I get is stuff I use daily and I like new undies! It’s a pretty awesome service!

Jack the Snipper Original Pomade

That’s really wonderful feedback and so great to hear a gent looking after himself! To sign off can you tell me – What’s an important message that you want to share with fellow men.

Enjoy every day – everyone has struggles, but you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow so make the most of each day. Don’t have regrets – be positive and always do your best.

Great message! Thanks Johnny!

To inspire other men on the dapper path, Johnny and his team have curated an exciting event on Saturday July 16th  – from 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM. There will be a panel of Dapper Influencers, different speakers – (including me!) – talking about trends, style, and giving guys the inspiration and tools they need to always look and feel their best. EVERYONE who attends will receive a gentSac and there will be some wicked giveaways! There are only limited tickets available though so be quick as we are almost at capacity! You can by tickets here.

Dappertude Event

Look forward to seeing you there!

Yours truly,





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