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Shaun Birley - gentSac

Shaun Birley is a true #menofgentsac. Apart from being the official face of our brand, he is an entrepreneur, the Director of InXpress Sydney CBD and an Australian/Asia Pacific Franchise Business Coach. He also has a healthy addiction to coffee and has an interest in fashion and online marketing using his social media outlets to showcase a range of lifestyle, travel and personal fashion content.

While Shaun was in Sydney, he took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us.

Interview with Shaun Birley - gentSac
Our Founder Interviews Shaun Birley

How do you start your day and how much do you value grooming?

I take a lot of pride in grooming, more so now that I receive my regular gentSac. It’s created a few more welcome additions to my routine. In the past my grooming routine was simple. Shower, shave and occasionally moisturise my hands. Now I’m invested in my skin care. I make sure to cleanse my face daily, scrub my face once a week, moisturise daily and use a luxe aftershave balm after my shave. I’m also a big fan of the single blade safety razors and I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin and the way I feel.

How often do you like receiving your gentSac grooming kit??

The products at gentSac are wicked quality and actually last – so I only need to get a top up every two months and it comes in really handy when I travel. I’ve always got everything I need.

Shaun Birley - gentSac
Shaun Birley always travelling with gentSac


What’s one of your favourite go-to grooming products and why?

The Handsome Cologne is awesome and super affordable. I’m also a big fan of your latest range by Goldfield and Banks – Blue Cypress is a perfect Summer Scent. I like the idea that I can be remembered by a signature scent. Whether its a scent for day or night, people will remember you for that scent if you get it right. I like to stick to the same cologne for three months at a time and then change it up.

How much do you incorporate the different aspects that you value (nutrition, exercise, grooming) into your busy lifestyle?

For me, I think feeling good and dressing well has a roll-on affect for your work day and the rest of the week. There’s a sense of accomplishment that you get when you wake up and have done your morning routine and you hit the gym and you get back. And then you think, well now I have my grooming routine as well. So once that’s done, you’ve shaved, showered, put on your clothes, you smell good and you walk out of the door, there is a sense of pride and self-confidence that you carry with yourself.

Executive Jet Setter Kit - gentSac
Executive Jet Setter Kit – gentSac

Overall, do you feel like gentSac is a valuable service and where do you think it adds value?

Where I think it adds value is that it introduces you to new products that when you’ve tried them, you’re definitely hooked. There’s no going back, that’s for sure. Men think they’ve got their daily routine down-packed, they think they’ve got their good habits, but when you’re given a gentSac with products that you haven’t used everyday, it’s something that makes you want to have a go at using it. That’s when you incorporate it into your day to day routine. That’s where gentSac adds value, the concept helps you a build solid routine and good habits that also help with your self-confidence. When you look after yourself better you feel on-point and your days are way more positive. It also saves you loads of time and the effort of researching brands or going shopping for different things. It’s a real service and it feels personal because the team start to get to know you and what you need.

Popular Mens grooming products - gentSac
Popular Essentials at gentSac

What is something you would like to be remembered for in your day-to-day life?

I work in sales so I go to a lot of meetings and negotiations. For me – going into a meeting looking good, feeling good and smelling good sets my state of mind in a really positive, confident way. It gives me a solid foundation before I even begin to speak. It also always leaves a really good impression and I’m proud of that.

We hope you’re inspired by Shaun Birley and the great example he sets for today’s modern gent. It’s never too early or too late to invest in yourself and improve your routine!

Check him out at @shaunbirley on Instagram.

Here is what’s in Shaun Birley’s gentsac:

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