An Interview with Dimitri Weber – Founder of Luxury Australian Fragrance

Dimitri Weber - gentSac

We recently launched the first ever Luxury Australian Fragrance into the gentSac collection and felt that during the week that Australia Day was taking place it was the best time to sit with the Man behind Goldfield & Banks.

Dimitri Weber - gentSac
Dimitri Weber – ‘I love dreams. I love reality. I love the mix of the two’.

About Dimitri

Bringing French-Belgian roots to bear on all elements of his life, Dimitri brings a pure and unadulterated love to the beautiful and the refined.

The result is his creative and often daring approach to beauty and fragrance.

With a natural inclination to the world of olfactory beauty and on completion of his studies in Belgium, Dimitri took a pivotal role as Training Manager at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté allowing him to indulge in his love of fragrances.

In the intervening years Dimitri enhanced his skills with perfume brands Jean Paul Gautier, Issey Miyake, Narciso Rodriguez, Lalique, L’Oréal Prestige and Tom Ford.

Striking out on his own in 2006, he created a collection of exclusive perfumes and scented candles at the House of Porters, Serax Maison d’Être and the chocolatier Galler.

Moving seamlessly across industries, he created the first Mercedes Benz Smart Car fragrance ’Smart’ to critical acclaim.

Fast Forward to 2017, Dimitri has been living in Australia for two years and channelling his incredible experiences.

Today he is the Founder of a ground breaking range of inspired native botanical based fragrances – Goldfield & Banks.

Goldfield and Banks - gentSac
Available at gentSac in-store and online.

Our Interview

I’d love to know what inspired you to create Goldfield & Banks?

I fell in love with Australia’s Lush, aromatic and botanical beauty. The dramatic landscapes, the turquoise fringed coastlines and sweeping plains, I really wanted to capture the fragrant essences of these stunning elements. This collection really is a tribute to the unique and extraordinary beauty of the Australian Continent.

What is your favourite quality in a good Cologne?

The choice of beautiful essences and a long-lasting lingering trail…. I love when people compliment me on my fragrances once they smell them on me . That’s when you know you have made the right choice!

Have you always valued your personal grooming routine?

Always! I It makes you feel good and fresh and sexy when you take care of yourself! I particularly love face masks, and moisturisers! I couldn’t live without  a good skin care routine and a moisturiser for the body.

Gameface Moisturiser - gentSac
Dimitri recommends GameFace moisturiser by Triumph and Disaster

Other than your signature scent, what products do you use daily?

A face wash, a moisturiser and a mask on the weekend. Body oils or moisturisers with some native essential oils are perfect to maintain your tan in the summer and to make your skin look younger!


Sea Buckthorn Moisturiser by Appelles - gentSac
An essential daily body moisturiser with Sea Buckthorn by Appelles.

What makes you feel confident, day to day?

White shirt, blue jeans, Italian shoes and wax in my hair!

Do you have a personal message for the gents?

Take care of yourself, drink a lot of water (and Champagne!) and you will look forever young!


We would like to Thank Dimitri for taking the time to chat with us! He is a true inspiration and we are in love with his collection of fragrances. To celebrate the launch of Goldfield & Banks at gentSac we have a special offer for you. Find out more here.
Treat yourself to a new signature scent – it also makes for a very special Valentines day gift! I’m loving Blue Cypress.
Until Next time,

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