An interview with Mike Campbell – discovering his project ‘Beyond the Beers’.

Mike Campbell at the Galeries store - gentSac

Man Coach, author and creator of ‘Beyond the Beers’, Mike Campbell has a mission to make modern day masculinity accessible to everyday men.

Mike’s mission is to create a global movement supporting men in connecting and stepping into who they really are, not who they think they’re supposed to be.

With a mission that speaks highly to the gentSac purpose of empowering men – we had to sit down with Mike to find out a little more about him and shed light on his awesome initiative – ‘Beyond the Beers’.

Interviewing Mike Campbell - gentSac
Interviewing Mike Campbell

What inspired you to be a mentor to other men?

Through diving into a process of growth I had some key realisations I had about myself. I had lived a very safe, comfortable and limited life. I realised there was more out there for me if I got past my own doubts and embraced change. I became driven to become my best.

I found that I’d been addressing the same problems for a long time; and that the men I coached as a PT weren’t where they wanted to be either. I realised the path to change was overwhelmnig and noisy.

I saw stats around violence, abuse, addiction, mental health, suicide – in Austrlaia Alone five men take their own lives every day.

I realised we have a picture of masculinity and manhood that isn’t serving us as individuals or as a community. By this stage I had a raging fire in me to support men in stepping out from this faux masculine mask and into who we really are.

Can you remember a key moment in time that contributed to your personal growth?

There are many moments, so many, and I know it’s nice to search for one lightbulb moment, but I find it’s rarely the case. Having said that I can pin point a particular moment amongst them that was impactful for me. I was living in small town in Scotland playing rugby. I was single and totally in my head about approaching and talking to women. Some reading gave me perspective around rejection and supported me in stepping out of my head and into just being me – showing up more authentically, which led to a significant increase in confidence.

What makes you feel confident?

To me confidence stems directly from what I think of myself, mentally, physically, emotionally. I know me; what I’m about, what drives me, what’s important to me, what I stand for and what I need to feel fulfilled and purposeful. In knowing these things I can show up in the world as that – me. So to me this is the foundation, it allows me to have a faith in myself and inner strength that leads to action on what drives me. From this I become more capable – and capability leads to confidence.

Have you always valued your personal grooming routine?

Yes and no I think. Ha! When I was younger I think my attention to things might have been misguided, so my value of things were perhaps skewed. Either way, I’ve always taken pride and care in my appearance, this being the quickest assessment of how I show up in the world.

Mike Campbell curating his gentSac
Mike Campbell customising his gentSac

What products do you use daily? 

Right now I have Biology No. 303 body wash, Triumph & Disaster face wash. Burly Fellow Beard balm and Baxter deodorant.

Mike Campbell - beyond the beers, gentSac
Mike’s gentSac

What did you love about your gentSac?!

The products which were hand picked just for me. However, more so I loved the concept and having my own little sac of indulgence and self-care.

What message or tip do you live by that you would like to share with other gents?

Hmmm, good question, there really are a few, but I suppose if I were to pick one it would be this – Be You. All that energy we put into thinking about what others think of us, comparing ourselves to others and trying to be something that will be liked and accepted, is like scrambling up a landslide. It’s wated energy and you’re going down anyway. Step out of the need to please and be liked and step into whoyou really are. When you can show up as the real you, your people will respond. Life becomes moch more effortless and rewarding.

Mike Campbell - build your own gentSac
Mike Campbell – The Galeries Store


We’re really proud to be supporting Mike’s event called ‘Beyond the Beers’ which is all about conversations that break the stereotype for men who want more out of life.

It’s definitely for guys that are ready to dig deep and learn more about themselves through meeting up with other men who are willing to open up about things that worry them – beyond the usual banter that’s had over a few beers.

It’s an opportunity to discover, learn and grow and you can get tickets here:

PS – each attendee will receive a gentSac sample kit and gift card to spend at gentSac. Don’t miss out!!

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