Our top 3 tips to growing and maintaining a healthy beard

Winter is here, and that means cold nights, colder early mornings and the one time we are (a tiny bit) ok with comfort taking precedence over style. Growing a beard is the best accessory for gents to tackle the cold this winter.

Growing a beard is easy, right? Just sit back relax, stop shaving and you’ll have a luscious beard in no time. Not quite.

This will be one of life’s greatest lessons in patience: you will be patchy, itchy and look hobo-chic majority of the time. Chances are you’re probably aware if you have what it takes to grow a beard or not (baby faced Gent’s we’re looking at you). But don’t worry, it will all be worth it. Plus, you’ll have this bevy of life saving tips under your belt to help you.


1. Have patience, young grasshopper.

A beard isn’t an overnight sensation. You’re going to start seeing results about a month in, and as they say, you’ve gotta be in it to win it – so keep at it! If you must get hands on, try using a trimmer to keep hair the same length.


2. The ‘Itchy and Scratchy’ show

The growth stage is going to a be tough, not to mention itchy and patchy. But all you can do is ignore it, be patient and use a beard oil to help soothe the skin under your growing patch of man glory.

Imagine cuddling up with a cactus on a cold winter’s night, sounds bad doesn’t it? Hint, your face is the cactus. Keep your significant other on side by looking after this new beast properly. Oil keeps the skin underneath moisturised and removes beard-ruff potential. You’re welcome. Also, we know you’ve seen those rumours that beards are quite literally full of shit, it would be wise to give your beard a rub down in the shower with a gentle beard shampoo or face cleanser – to keep things fresh and clean.


Mike Campbell - gentSac - The Galeries
Mike Campbell – gentSac – The Galeries


3. Make it work for your face

It all begins with the jaw line: hair should grow to just above the adam’s apple, use a trimmer to fade it out and steer clear of harsh lines. Next, make your face shape do the talking. Beards with a little more junk in the trunk tend to suit a round or square face. A fuller bottom half means your beard will elongate your face. So, those with a longer face shape will want to avoid this and instead opt for hair on the sides of the face. Finally – keep your hair feeling less scraggly and more on the soft side with a trusted beard balm. This will relax the hair (which is nice for FaceTime) and great for keeping scraggly hairs at bay all day.


Beard envy


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  1. Brynne Jones says:

    I like how you mentioned that hair should grow to just above your Adam’s apple. It was helpful that you suggested using a trimmer to fade out your beard. My brother has been wanting to grow a beard for years. Considering these tips, along with using beard treatment products could be beneficial to him as he tries to grow one.

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