How to pick a special gift for your Dad

Choosing a great gift for Dad can be tricky. A lot of the time, we know that he likes-what-he-likes OR we have no idea at all! At the end of the day, we really want a big smile on his face when he opens his gift so we’ve written this blog to help you do just that!

We love giving gifts and helping our customers pick the perfect gift is secretly one of our favourite things to do. So, we thought we would highlight to you the many wonderful options for Dad and  how to thoughtfully pick a special gift for your Dad this Father’s Day.

Ask good questions

It’s great to start with the basics. This is something we tend to do a lot, but if you want to shop for Dad with a clear idea in mind, it’s a great idea to ask yourself (or your Mum!) some good questions so you have a fair idea of Dad’s routine. Generally speaking, we’ve found that men enjoy gifts that they can use – so if you can find out some of Dad’s quirks you are on your way to finding a special gift that he can incorporate into his routine and enjoy.

Questions to find out:

– Does he shave?

– What type of razor does he use?

– Does he have sensitive skin?

– Does he like fragrance?

– Does he use any product in his beard?

What type of man is your Dad?

Through our research and experience at gentSac we’ve grown fond of the fact that a lot of men share some common traits. We find them to be logical and practical creatures who love a good routine!

So, what’s Dad like? Is he a Dapper Dad? Clean shaven, with a dash of cologne and likes things to match? Or is he a Modern Dad? One that travels a fair bit, sports a beard and likes all the latest man tools. He might be an Essentials Man – likes to keep it simple, compact and useful. Whatever type of Dad you have, keeping in mind his personality will mean you can really choose something specially for him that is thoughtful & will definitely bring on that smile we look for when we know we’ve nailed it!

What are his likes & dislikes?

Does Dad like colours or is his colour palette pretty much black & white? Scent versus no scent? Does he like trying new things or sticking to what he’s used to? These questions help narrow down the options.

What do you want your gift to say?

Your gift speaks for itself. Adding that personal touch can be as simple as relating back to a single conversation that you know he’ll remember and this can be super special. Have a think about any sentiment you may want this gift to have OR you may just purely and simply want it to be ‘Dad, it’s really time we replaced those socks!’. Whatever it may be – there can always be a personal message that resonates through the gift you give.

Giving Dad a gentSac

What does purchasing specially curated men’s grooming products say? We think it says “we’re giving you the tools to take care of yourself. We care about you and through these products we want you to look and feel your best.”

Once you’ve got an idea of what type of Dad your Dad is, we’ve made it easy to pick the perfect gift! We’ve thoughtfully curated a selection of kits for every awesome Dad out there.

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