5 Things to Know About Safety Razors (So You Can Make The Switch)

This article was originally posted as a guest article on Australian men’s lifestyle blog Hey Gents, written by our co-founder, Shira O’Sullivan-Linker.

This post has been a long time coming. Having had many conversations with gents about their frustration with razor burn and irritation after a shave, we’ve become really passionate at gentSac about highlighting better options to enable an awesome shave routine. With the right tools and products, shaving can really become a ritual, time that is taken to look after yourself and to feel awesome.

There’s some real history here

Safety razors have been around since the 1880s, hence you may have seen your dad or grandad use them. They have sentiment and a real sense of tradition. We often get into deep and meaningfuls with our customers about our mission to redefine masculinity. The safety razor and the routine that comes with it evokes a sense of taking time for yourself, slowing down to do things right, feeling good and enjoying the results. It goes beyond the shave.

Safety equals safe

They’re not as scary as they look and are incredibly intuitive to use. For the younger gents that have grown up using an electric razor or wet shave with a cartridge, this is a new level when it comes to a clean shave. For your first safety razor we always recommend a ‘closed comb’. This means the single blade is placed between the guard plate and a comb plate, which ultimately gives you more control of the blade so you won’t cut yourself. Just take it nice and slowly the first couple of times and you’ll be a pro before you know it.

Let’s get real close

single blade is not only more gentle on the skin than 3 or 5 blade cartridges, it also allows you to get a much closer shave. A closer shave and it’s better for your skin? Yep… and most guys have been suffering from razor burn for years. We love receiving emails from our customers who literally couldn’t be happier with the results.

There is also less irritation with one blade as you don’t have the issue of missing the odd hair and needing to go over the area twice. If you like a nice clean shave, this is definitely the right tool and can be made even more enjoyable with the right products.

Double edged and cheap as chips

I’ll stick with the theme and double up here. In its entirety, we call this razor the Double Edged safety razor. That’s because you can use both sides of the blade. Double sided – double benefits. Not only can you use both sides, which extends the life of the blade, it also makes for a time saver, as you can switch the side you’re using without so much as a rinse. I know you guys love a good time saver!

Hold up though – money talks. Beyond all the other benefits, the double edged blades are significantly cheaper than all other modern disposable blades and they last longer. On average you should be able to get at least 10 shaves out of a blade and they are about 5 times cheaper than a cartridge. Big win! Your safety razor will pay for itself, so why not invest in a luxe shave kit

The bearded gent wins too

Bonus round. Ok, so technically I’ve given you 5 key facts, but I couldn’t ignore the rise of the bearded man, so I figured an encore was necessary.

If you rock a beard but you like a clean shaven neck and a neat tidy, you’ll want to start scanning your options quick smart. The neck is the most sensitive area of skin, so it’s likely irritation can still be a problem for you even if you have a beard. I’ve also had a lot of gents who do use a safety razor comment about how much easier it is to tidy and get neater lines around the face. One blade definitely helps navigate this and to avoid shaving beyond your intended area.

Side note –  you can read about how to grow and maintain a healthy beard here. To keep your beard nicely shaped, soft and smelling good, invest in a good beard balm (your better half will be forever grateful).

So, where do you start?

  • Muhle R89 – Closed Comb. A beautifully engineered razor – you can take it nice and steady with this light handle that allows you to navigate the weight and pressure you place on the blade.
  • Truefitt & Hill – Signature Safety Razor – Closed Comb. True to form this original, British brand has delivered a sophisticated and easy to use double edged safety razor with a solid weight and a perfectly positioned curve for a steady and comfortable grip. Available in 4 colours.

In short, the safety razor offers a closer shave, it’s better for your skin, the blades are far more economical, you’ll begin to enjoy your shaving routine and the razors themselves look super cool.

Til next time, Shira

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