3 reasons why whisky tasting is just like picking your new favourite grooming product

At gentSac were known for helping you find quality grooming products that work with your routine. We know that a lot of the things in life that make you feel good are the better versions of what you already use, day to day, week to week. These essentials feed into your lifestyle and start to define who you are and how you do things. Helping you refine your grooming routine is important to us….. but what if we said tasting whisky can be just like finding your favourite grooming product?

We discovered something pretty cool we thought you’d want to know about…..

Introducing you to Whisky Loot

Whisky Loot is a whisky subscription with a curated selection of premium whisky from distilleries around the world, sending you three 60mL tasters once a month. No repeats, always something new and exciting. If you’re into whisky, scratch that… Of you’re into spirits, trying new things, refining your palate, exploring new options, receiving surprises, Whisky Loot will tick all of your boxes!

So how is whisky tasting a similar experience to picking your new favourite grooming product?

1. It’s about what you’re doing now, but better.

Think back to the first time you put a product in your hair. You might have wanted a certain look but didn’t know how to get it. The first time you shopped for a hair product…. Maybe you didn’t quite know what to ask for? Over time you learn what works for you, what you want and how you want it. Eventually… Your expectations probably expand and you know exactly what you’re looking for.  So… imagine being presented with three curated options and all you have to do is choose the one you like best.

2. You’re educating yourself

Self discovery is partly about learning what you like and need, and partly about the experiences you have and the knowledge you gain –  the discovery. Exploring new products, much like refining your palate takes you through a journey of understanding nuances, reflecting on what works better for you and ultimately seeing the results (or taste) you enjoy.

3. It gives you your edge.

Nothing gives you more confidence than knowing exactly what you like and what works well for you.

4. So what did we like about the Whisky Loot experience?

I enlisted the ‘help’ of my brother (an experienced whisky drinker) to taste test our Whisky Loot Box.

This what we liked the most about the Whisky Loot experience:

  • We were presented with bespoke whisky we hadn’t encountered before (the packaging is super swanky and very impressive.
  • The details included helped you understand what you were drinking and what made it different
  • There was one sure favourite (which made it easy for me to pick my bro’s next bday present.)

In fact, we had such a good time we decided this was an experience that needed to be shared. Turns out, Whisky and Grooming go hand in hand. SO (drum roll please) we’re having a Private Whisky Tasting & Grooming Masterclass at gentSac!

Want to join us on the 27th of April at 5pm? Head to our event here and RSVP by Thursday 26th April!

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