4 Things To Consider About Your Grooming Routine When The Seasons Change

With Spring upon us, it’s a great time to reflect on many areas of our lives. Coming out of the colder months and looking forward to summer holidays, now’s the time to start rethinking some of our habits and implementing new ones. Typically, the obvious ones stand out – exercise, eat better, drink less. Holistically, though, it’s nice to think about life and goals in simple terms; what’s working for me and what isn’t. Most of us value the simple things in life; family, friends, being great at our jobs, feeling fit and healthy and having fun along the way. So, as the grooming specialists, we try to factor all of that into your decisions around your grooming routine. Here are some of my top grooming tips for the new season…


You’re bound to have a great day when your hair is looking good. If your hair product isn’t doing exactly what you need for the style you like, it’s time to explore new options. Finding the right hair product can take a bit of trial and error because everyone’s hair is so different. The main things to consider are the hold and the finish. If you shop online, read the product descriptions and feel free to email the store with any questions you have. If you’re Sydney-based, head over to gentSac and we’ll talk you through it.


It’s so encouraging to see men coming in and taking a real vested interest in caring for their skin. Skincare is certainly not just for the ladies; we all have a face and we all feel good when it’s looking its best. Keep things simple by cleansing and moisturising daily with a once a week exfoliation. Our Facetime Kit is a popular option that provides all the essentials, or better yet arrange a grooming consultation so we can customise a kit for you.


It’s always nice to receive a compliment on the fragrance you’re wearing. Having a distinct scent gives you an edge and provokes a feeling when you walk past someone or go in for a hug. Sometimes it’s the first thing people notice about you, so a fresh scent is an ideal way to start the new season. Keep your eyes peeled for a special event coming soon. Sign up here to get an invite!


Whether you’re a bearded gent or prefer a clean shave, we’ve got some simple tips for taming your facial hair. To start, a good beard oil is essential for preventing itchy beards that can fall victim to beardruff. Followed by a beard balm, your beard hairs will be left feeling soft and looking relaxed. When shaving, think about whether you suffer from razor burn regularly. If the answer is yes, you most likely need to consider a safety razor for a closer shave without irritation. Read our list of 5 reasons why you should make the switch or try a fragrance-free shave cream followed by a soothing aftershave balm.

The Wrap-Up

By exploring new products, reading labels and asking questions, you’ll begin to figure out what works for you. Forge habits of excellence by taking the time to implement a simple grooming routine that leaves you feeling and looking sharp every day. Life is a confidence game, so play it with the right tools.

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PS This was a guest article written for HeyGents – check them out!

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