The Gents of gentSac: Jeff Lack, Men’s Style Consultant

Jeff Lack Stylist

Jeff Lack is a Celebrity Style Consultant & Men’s Stylist

What Make’s Jeff Lack Gent of Distinction?

Jeff Lack is an editorial, campaign and personal stylist, content creator, media commentator and keynote speaker with 30 years of experience in the Australian Fashion Industry.

We are inspired by Jeff’s entrepreneurial zeal, the way he combines his passion for the creative with a keen business sensibility.

Jeff is a published author, runs his own styling consultancy and is an educator on the science of styling – with 2 day workshops taking place in mid May 2019.

We asked Jeff to answer our ‘Take 5 Questionnaire’ to get a sense of the habits of excellence that make up his daily process.

The gentSac Take 5 Questionnaire

1) Do you have a morning routine – (grooming and / or lifestyle practices)?

Brush my teeth. Shower. Cleanse everyday (scrub every other day), cut in my beard line and moisturise. A little beard oil and fragrance, et voila!

Lifestyle practice- I say ‘good morning’ to Jade (my partner) and kiss her, have done everyday for the past 3 years.


2) What do you do for work… and what do you do for play?

For want of a better word I am a ‘slashie’. I suppose, a stylist, creative director, an author, a presenter, a mentor. I’d say I am a fashion and style consultant by trade, as it’s difficult to label. This is my 30th year working in fashion.

Play: music is a key driver in all aspects of my life. Live performances, discovering and sharing new music is a passion of mine. The ocean is my cathedral and exercise is important to me. I love Yoga and Surfing.


3) What is inspiring you at the moment? 

I am travelling to Japan, so deep in planning at the moment and pretty excited to immerse myself in the culture and create cool content for the brands I am working with.


4) What are you working on currently?

I’ve started writing my second book- IntelliGENT- ‘The smart man’s guide to style’. It is a follow up to my first book ‘IndulGENT- The complete style guide for the modern man’. Holding all of this knowledge and experience to myself doesn’t make much sense to me, and I love seeing the results of my readers heading the advice written.

My next Masterclass is coming up just before my trip to Japan, so preparing for this too. This class teaches stylists the business of style and leans on my career learnings and highlights. Each participant has a one on one mentor session with me also, it’s a real treat guiding creatives through their process.


5) What’s a grooming essential that you can’t live without?

Fragrance, its how your personality is introduced without words. Some days feel chilled, some earthy and some days feel firey, I like to have that mood represented in fragrance.Then of course there are special occasions, like when you want to bring the romance..


Bonus Question


6) What do you think of when we say ‘Habits of Excellence’?

My habit of excellence is to represent my personal brand best I can through style, every time I leave my home. You never know who you will meet.

“Look good, feel great” is my mantra.


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