What Inspires Marvin Osifo’s Unique Style?

GentSac founder Shira O’Sullivan Linker chats to men’s stylist (and style icon) Marvin Osifo

Marvin Osifo’s unique style has extraordinary origins. Growing up in Nigeria and moving to Australia as a young man, he was initially struck with a sense of ‘otherness’. This, he says, helped shape how he expresses himself through what he wears – as well as his approach to business, and his daily ‘habits of excellence’.



“Having a routine in the morning, it helps your day in terms of what you want to do, goals you want to achieve.”

[Marvin Osifo, shot at the QT Sydney, with ‘The Marvin Kit’, featuring tie by Rumi]




Marvin’s Morning Routine

After waking up, Marvin likes to get his blood pumping with a round of push-ups. This is followed by washing his face with cold water before applying product. 

Face cleanser and a face scrub are essentials. Marvin also swears by the use of a daily face moisturiser, which he says is particularly important for his skin type. Prone to dryness, he acknowledges that, like a lot of African guys, daily moisturising prevents his skin from getting oily.

This morning routine is not just a routine that facilitates a shift externally – Marvin uses this time to ready himself the day mentally. 

“Having a routine in the morning, it helps your day in terms of what you want to do, goals you want to achieve. While I use a face scrub, a face wash, I’m thinking about my day, the process of what needs to happen today, what I need to achieve, who I need to meet. That sort of routine calms you and gets you ready for the day.”


On Being a Man of Influence 

Marvin describes developing a sense of courage. He believes this not only allowed him to navigate through his early years but also helped shaped his personal expression.

“Growing up, I was always the one who dressed different or acted different. Once you have that courage, you can portray so many different things.”


Origins of Style

“I wanted to be very different and unique in my style. Where I’m from in Nigeria, its all about colours, prints, flamboyant patterns.”

But it wasn’t always that way. Marvin describes a process of only growing into his self-expression as he matured and eventually started his own business as a men’s style consultant and now influencer and entrepreneur.


Why Marvin is a ‘Gent of gentSac’?

Marvin sites heroes like Spike Lee as being a motivational force for “being who you are as a person”. He too his a testament to this.

Marvin’s unique perspective through his work as a stylist emboldens his clients to find their personal expression through what they wear. 

Chatting to Marvin was a great reminder that being true, whether it be how you dress, carry yourself or conduct yourself in business, champions others to do the same.





The ‘Marvin Kit’










Marvin Osifo has inspired a kit of everyday essentials that compliments his personal style, as well as his grooming needs.


Lucky Tiger Face Wash
Groomed Man Smooth Operator Face Moisturiser
Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste
Mihan Aromatics Sienna Brume Fragrance
L’uomo Face Scrub
Rumi Tie
Rumi Pocket-Square


ORDER THE LIMITED EDITION MARVIN KIT IN STORE or ONLINE: https://gentsac.com.au/product/the-marvin-kit/

For more on Marvin: marvinosifo.com.au/styling

All photography by Jake O’Donnell


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