Rethink Winter

The start of the winter season is usually met with a sense of loss at the ‘lack of summer’. This is particularly evident in a city like Sydney where the seasons seem to be divided into ‘summer’ and a brief period of ‘other’. It is at this time that locals can be seen wearing multiple layers of their summer wardrobe and counting down the days until the seasons change. 

Rather than shut-down and shut-off in winter, we’d like to encourage our community to ‘celebrate the cooler months’. For gentSac it all starts with grooming. 

This means keeping up a strong winter routine, starting your day off right, investing in specific grooming kit for winter season as well as key winter fashion accessories that look great and do the job right!

It’s time to rethink winter! 

Here are our 5 essential winter skincare tips:

1. Use a gentle cleanser.

In Winter our skin tends to be on the more sensitive and dry side so ideally we use a cleanser that won’t further aggravate or dry your skin out. Using cleansers with ingredients like Aloe vera, peppermint oil and Cucumber are great. We love Lucky TigerAnthony Algae cleanser and Triumph & Disaster Ritual cleansers.








2. Remember to moisturise daily, morning and night.

Pay attention to your skin type, but generally in Winter your skin will love, hydrating and nourishing ingredients like essential oils and glycerin. We recommend Hunter Lab Face FuelTriumph and Disaster Dark MoonAnthony All purpose Moisturiser.








3. Exfoliate once a week.

This goes for face and body. Exfoliating will remove and dry skin and allow your moisturiser to work more effectively. For face we recommend Anthony Facial Scrub & Hunter Lab Face scrub. For body we recommend The Groomed Man Bamboo Body Scrub






4. Try a pre-shave oil before shaving.

With slightly more sensitive and dry skin in the Winter we highly recommend one o two pumps of a preshave oil applied to your face before lathering up for a shave. We are loving Truefitt & Hill ultimate comfort pre shave oil and Imperial pre shave oil






5. Consider a different fragrance for the change in Season.

Just like the clothes we wear, Fragrance can be interpreted differently in the cooler months. Go for something a little warmer – think notes like sandalwood, oud, orange, juniper berry, Tonka bean, coffee & bergamot. We are loving Atkinsons Oud Save the King, Frapin & Cie 1270 and Mihan Aromatics Guilty Story.







Interested to find out more about winter grooming and creating habits of excellence this winter? Join us for the Rethink Winter Event, in-store at gentSac on Wednesday May 22 from 5:30-7:30. 

If you’re one of the first 50 RSVPs, you’ll get a free $100 gift with purchase on the night. Click here to find out more.


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