DJ Charles Oliver on how to Balance Creativity with Commerce to Live your Dream Lifestyle

Charles Oliver has hacked life, having found a way to merge what he loves with what he does for a living. As a DJ, he has an opportunity to travel and while he’s at it, put a frame around his personal style: a chic, streamlined palette that suggests utility with a hint of swagger – much like the man himself.

The man knows how to look after himself also. Handy, so as operate at an optimum level while on the go, because “feeling good is what it’s all about”. 

So how does someone who is always on the move facilitate feeling as good as he looks? Three words… Hydrate, Cleanse, Revitalize.






Charles starts every day with a big glass of filtered water. It’s good for the gut and gets the body and mind moving. 


While in the shower, he’ll scrub with a textured body wash. We recommend The Wayfaring Stranger Face and Body Wash – a 2 in 1 that is ideal for hassle free travel – also available as part of ‘The Charles Kit’

When it comes to washing hair, he’ll only do so every few days. This allows it to maintain some of the texture from the day before. A time-saver, particularly when in transit.

The same applies to his facial hair – and for that he’ll opt for a wet shave every other day.


With out fail he’ll use a daily moisturiser. “Being in Australia you’re exposed to the sun quite a lot… I like to take care of my skin. Your face is always visible; it’s the first thing someone sees when they speak to you…”

We recommend Fig & Cedar Daily Face Moisturiser’ by Jackson Miles – also available as part of The Charles Kit’

A black coffee to get the mind firing followed by celery juice to keep the engine clean.


As someone known for his style and grooming, Charles doesn’t necessarily enjoy being dubbed an ‘influencer’. He simply puts it “I like to share what I wear”. 

Although it’s a curated view of his lifestyle, for him, the authenticity comes through the sharing of what he really cares about. “Anyone can share a photo having a coffee in the morning, but people follow you through the style (brand) you’ve created” . While aesthetics draw us in, it’s the relatability of his passion, drive and expression that keep un interested.





Charles Oliver is a thoroughly modern many of many skills – the most import of which is having a talent for marketing his talents. His approach to building his personal brand is not just fashion for the sake of frivolity. This Instagram ‘lifestyle blog’ in-turn promotes his work as a DJ – a merging of creativity and commerce for the purpose of pursuing passions. That’s a beat we can all move to.






For more on @_charlesoliver_ check out  his Instagram page.



The Charles Kit

As part of the ‘Gents of gentSac’ range, ‘The Charles Kit’ is inspired by DJ Charles Oliver. Like Charles, this is a kit that is designed to travel – and known for its unique style.

Biology 304 – Body Lotion

Jackson Miles – Cedar and Fig daily face moisturiser

Marvis Toothpaste – Classic Strong Mint 

Atkinsons – 24 Old Bond Street

Wayfaring Stranger – Face & Body Wash 

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