James Carter, Musician: Consistency is Key

Style Icon James Carter Is Playing The Long Game

Musician James Carter believes that consistency is the surest way to achieve daily excellence. It’s a philosophy that he applies to all facets of his life, from his skincare regime to his self-made career.  “Consistency can apply to anything.”


But first, coffee. James starts his day with a caffeine boost while he contemplates the day ahead. Then it’s into the shower, hair styling and moisturising, which is an essential component to his routine given his love of the ocean.  “I do a lot of surfing, so it’s good to keep the skin moisturised.”


James is a non-conformist when it comes to his career. In addition to playing music, he’s designing a music app, which is a venture that generally leaves him in control of the hours he works each week. “I have an unusual work lifestyle. I’m inspired by how much I can (tailor) it to what I want to achieve. It’s all about doing what you want and having more freedom.”


Consistency was the word that came to mind when we asked James about his daily habits of excellence. It’s a word that’s applicable to his business ventures as well as his music.  “I relate it to piano. If I don’t practice, I don’t get anywhere. If I do, that’s when the results happen.”

James Carter has inspired a kit of everyday essentials that compliments his personal style, as well as his grooming needs. The kit includes:

Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax
Frapin & Cie Isle of Man
Triumph & Disaster Dark Moon Hydrating Cream
Anthony Deodorant
Marvis Toothpaste – Classic Strong Mint



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