Women Who Champion Men: Louise Edmonds

The Founder of Men’s Style Power On How She Plans to Make a Difference

In honour of our founder Shira, gentSac is shining a spotlight on women who champion men. Louise Edmonds of the online mens life and style publication, Men’s Style Power is one such woman. Gentsac spoke to Louise about the origins of Men’s Style Power and what’s at the core of her passion for championing men in this country.


Tell us about your Story in the creating of Men’s Style Power

In 2008, I was working for a leading youth retailer in senior management and during this time I saw a vast difference in offering pertaining to womenswear versus menswear. Having retail intelligence as my background, I started to interrogate the male audiences. I quantified data on national retailers and their international presence in Australia. I looked at the state of menswear in reference to modernity and saw that men were losing out. Most men’s style was dictated by what was shown in the glossy magazines, and if they didn’t like those choices, they were pretty much left on their own accord when it came to  finding their personal fashion and style. 

I also understood that men go under the mantra, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’. Many will wear the same style for 20 years. They don’t change it because they have other things to conquer. So, I felt an obligation to my fellow brothers, to give them more options, and to speak to them about the ‘inner man’ because I also knew that men experience pain, disappointment and rejection like us, but they don’t show it. 

Why are you so passionate about championing men?

I’m a twin to a brother, so have always had this equality badge on my life, and thus started MenStylePower over 10 years ago not only because of my long season in fashion (my mother was a fashion designer) but also because of my twin. He taught me so much of the male psyche by default. Mum taught me so much about textiles, composition and elegance. My Father was a journalist, which lead to my love of words. 

For 10 years now, MenStylePower has been one of the only Australian men’s lifestyle platforms published by a woman, and I noticed an urgent need to provide the sons of this great Nation with a vehicle for change aesthetically and purposefully. 

I also noticed the fatherless society among my clients and readers. “Boys cannot be, what they cannot see; and lacking a good male role model can severely impact their outlook on life as they reach manhood. It’s common to see men turning to drugs and alcohol in the false belief that this will solve their misery. And with the high-rate of suicide among young men in Australia, we are certainly in need of a solution”.

‘Boys cannot be, what they cannot see; and lacking a good male role model can severely impact their outlook on life as they reach manhood’

Fashion meets extreme sports on Menstylepower.com

What are some key projects you’re working on right now?

I’m currently finalizing my preventative program which will consist of placing value on young teenagers and teaching them self-awareness, purpose, identity and deportment within a social and emotional intelligence framework. Its aim is to ‘inform to transform’ teenagers around who they are, and also shine a light on the addictive lure of industries such as social media, marketing, pornography and so forth. My aim is to have them focusing on their unique skill set and talents infused with courage and determination. The program is called, Men of Manners. And we’re looking at releasing it in November 2019. 

I’m not unfamiliar with misfortunes either, being a survivor of child sex abuse, assault and domestic violence, I’m well apt to speak on the current #metoo and #toxicmasculinity movements and not ostracize the discussion from good men. I truly believe that the future is male and female, and we need each other, healthy and whole.   

What does habits of excellence mean to you?

Our thoughts become words, our words become actions, our actions become habits and out habits become us. 

So, with this in mind, my highest habit of excellence is Obedience. Obedience is a very hard undertaking. If I’m disciplined and obedient in understanding my thoughts, words, actions and habits, then I can live with integrity, purpose and passion. I truly believe that the future is male and female, and we need each other, healthy and whole. 

‘I truly believe that the future is male and female, and we need each other, healthy and whole.’

What inspired you to collaborate with gentSac and our founder, Shira. We’d love to hear what most resonates with you and any fav products?!

Shira and I were introduced by a mutual friend and met when she had just started Gentsac over 3 years ago. We hit it off straight away, and both sensed a collaborative spirit with championing men in a variety of spaces. Much of what I would discuss with Shira was reciprocated with the same insight. At that time, all of her products were well on trend and in tune with the high-quality ingredients that Aussie men were looking for. The unique point she presented was the education. Her love of really getting into the hearts and minds of men was something I admired. It was the same passion I had. 

My favourite products from GentSac today are her carefully curated kits. These are great to test a number of products and start to see how a gentleman’s skin and constitution respond to the products. 

I actually use men’s products in some of my skincare routines! In particular HunterLab body wash, Etat Libre D’Orange fragrance, Gascoigne and King candles, and Marvis toothpaste and Baxter of California products. These are my favourites that Shira has in her range, but I do know she’s always on the look out for more exciting new products for her customers. 

Find out more via: www.menstylepower.com

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