How To Buy For Dad: Top 5 Grooming Gifts For Fathers Day

Top 5 Fathers Day Gifts Guide

Fathers Day is a great opportunity to show love to the guy that gave you life. For some, it’s an opportunity to show your own kids just how happy you are to be their dad.

Rather than leaving it to the ‘day of’, use the time between now and September 1 to think of a way to celebrate Dad.

This Father’s Day gentSac is the ‘Daddy Mac’ for gifting, and like all things, we make it simple by curating the best of men’s grooming from around the globe, always encouraging habits of excellence.

Here are 5 key grooming areas – and what you need to know to offer the best gift that will be practical and very much appreciated.

Luxe Hair Kit
Luxe Hair Kit

Men’s Hair Care

What Hair Products Should I Give Dad

When it comes to styling product for hair we say don’t go there unless you know the specific look they want or product they already use. Hair product is so specific – and can change based on a new haircut – or even the season, so best to go for something more evergreen when gifting.

Instead we suggest something universal like a shampoo and conditioner with great ingredients that smell good and look good in the shower.

We recommend a couple of easy favourites like the 18.21 ‘3-in-1’ Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash or the Luxe HairCare Kit – just suss out which type of hair product he uses first!


Men’s Fragrance

What is the Best Fragrance To Give As A Gift?

This is another category that is very specific to the wearer’s tastes, however a great place to start is if you know the attributes of the fragrance(s) that they have worn in the past e.g. was it warm and woody or citrusy?

This is definitely a purchase to make in store rather than online. Our team can show you through a coupe of options to find the one that you know is ‘him’.

For a gent with ‘classic’ tastes, we recommend Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street .
If the wearer is after something fresh we recommend L’humaniste by Frapin & Cie .
And for something deep and woody , you can’t go past Golfield & Banks Wood Infusion …or for a real treat Amouage Interlude.




The Exclusive Hunter Lab Kit

Skin Care for Men

Should You Give Skin Care as Presents?

Skincare is easier to give as a gift, as you just need to know whether the giftee has oily, dry or combination skin. Hint: if it’s your dad, it could be the same as yours.

As we age, our skin tends to benefit from product that is richer and more nourishing.

If your dad is yet embark on the exciting world of cleansing and moisturising (some men are till literally using a bar of soap for everything), this could be a great way to level up his self care / life.

We recommend the exclusive Hunter Lab Skincare kit.




The Epic Beard Care Kit

Men’s Beard Care

Best Beard Gifts For Men

If the gent in question is sporting a beard or moustache, quality beard care products make an ideal gift. Good beard care involves a few steps, so it’s great to support each of these with the right product for the job.

We recommend The Epic Beard Care Kit.








Men’s Shaving

Safety Razors & Shaving Products

Another great gift for a wide variety of gent. The only thing you need to know is: does he have sensitive skin. From there you can transform the way your ‘dad’ shaves, and elevate him to the world of the safety razor shave.

We recommend The Bye Bye Razor Burn Kit.












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