What Dads Really Want To Do On Father’s Day

What’s the best way to get on top of Father’s Day plans? There are only 2 things you need to take care of in order to be nailing it:

  1. A gift

  2. An activity

While gentSac is your one stop shop for everything gifting – come in and see us in-store or shop online, there is a chance you may still need some inspiration when it comes to ‘what to do’ on the day. We spoke to some modern dads at different stages of their fatherhood journey on how they would most like to spend the coming Father’s Day. 


I work crazy hours and I’ve got young kids so weekends are often very chaotic. My partner and I don’t get much time to ourselves, so our tradition is to spend the first part of Mother’s or Father’s Day doing something for ourselves then reconnect as a family. This year I might go to a yoga class, pamper myself with a manicure or something then all head out for lunch in the city. Dumplings are a family favourite. 

Finn, 34, Melbourne 


A lazy Sunday with the kids is always a winner. Brekkie in bed if I’m lucky, get rugged up and head out for a big walk together on the beach. Come home. Light the fire. Leftovers or something easy for lunch. 

Ben, 37, Byron Bay


It depends on whether or not I remembered to do anything for my wife on Mother’s Day. This year I buggered it up, so won’t be expecting too much. She might give me a hug. I’d be happy with that. Hang out with the kids, then a pub meal with my dad in the evening.

Jonathan, 45, Sydney


I don’t have kids myself, but my sister and I take my dad to a brewery every year. He lives on the Mornington Peninsula, so we normally go somewhere around there. It’s a great excuse to get us all together. 

Liam, 29, Torquay 


My kids are all grown now, so I don’t get to see them all at once very often. My ideal day is being immersed in “the crew.” Grandchildren running rampant, children catching up and sharing snippets from their lives, their partners un-fussed and comfortable… Plentiful food and drink that I’ve thought about, shopped for and prepared, which helps make it a little bit more special for me. And almost like a voyeur, bask in the glow, the noise and the love, like a pig in shit. 

Terrence 61, Melbourne


Recently we’ve been inspiring Fathers Day gifting right here on the gentSac Blog. As we pointed out, there are some gifts that are hard to buy without research or a firm knowledge of your dad’s tastes – like knowing what skin-type he has if you were to buy a cleanser or moisturiser, or his taste in fragrance. One option is to make the gifting part of the activity. Why not take Dad out for a meal the week of Fathers Day – and then bring him by the gentSac store – we’ll take care of the rest.


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