How to Avoid Shaving Rash, Skin Bumps and Razor Burn

Shaving products for men

The weather is rapidly shifting gears, and as such, we are reminded of the impending pressures to look something resembling ‘our best’ come summertime.

In the spirit of #habitsofexcellence GentSac wants to inspire you to ‘Spring Clean’ your grooming routine, starting with the most basic of processes – shaving. Every man has to take care of his facial hair – even your “I use soap as shampoo” mates. Yet so few know how to do it right.

These are the tools and tips you need to make sure you avoid shaving rash, skin bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn.

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Prepare the skin by exfoliating with a facial scrub in order to remove any dead skin cells. This will minimise the chances of snagging your razor on uneven skin and reduce the clogging of your razor with debris.

Here are our picks for Scrubs (TLC fans need not apply):

Another way to prepare the skin is with a shaving brush. As well as emulsifying your shaving cream, it helps by pushing against the hairs on your face too – leaving them primed for attack (shaving).

GentSac’s range of shaving brushes vary from basic (under $90) to the luxury/professional (over $199). Here are our favourites across three price points.

Steam before cream

Before shaving, try soaking the area in warm-to-hot water using a heated face-washer – or simply by having a hot shower prior to shaving. 

This will soften the hairs and open pores. Following this, ensure to lather up with a quality shaving cream which will act as a lubricant and to soften the hairs.

Shaving cream can vary based on attributes like ingredients and fragrance. 

Here are a selection of some of our most popular: 

The benefits of shaving with a safety razor

Using old razors may not seem like a bad idea at first, because who doesn’t want to save money? Wrong. Old razors can contain rust, dead skin and will likely be blunt. The more you use an old razor, the greater the likelihood of razor burn.

GentSac is widely known for its range of safety razors – with many who ‘crossover’ never going back to disposable variety. These are our picks for those just starting out, to those who are more seasoned fans of shaving with a safety razor:

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise

If you do nothing else for your skin, moisturise. 

Using a moisturiser after shaving provides a restorative layer on the skin to help retain moisture (so stopping it becoming dry, flaky or itchy) and prevents bacteria from entering open pores after exfoliating.

If you fail to cover these grooming essentials, you may find yourself in the painful cycle of razor burn. As you continue to shave over affected skin, the problem only becomes worse.

When you shop in store, the gentSac team can prescribe the right product for your skin type, however if you’re buying online, all you need to ask yourself is: do I have oily, dry or combination skin?

Here are our favourite moisturisers across these key areas:

Kit yourself up with the best in the business

GentSac stock some of the best products out there to rejuvenate your shaving routine. These include the Bye Bye razor burn kit:


We’ve put together the best Kit to say bye bye to Razor burn whilst getting the smoothest shave and actually enjoying the ritual of shaving.

This kit will arm your routine with the following:

  • A Lucky Tiger face scrub, suitable for sensitive skin, lather and rinse with warm water. This will prep the skin for a smooth shave and open up the pores to allow shaving with ease.
  • An old fashioned shave cream, suitable for sensitive skin, providing a nice lather and smells so good with a mixture of essential oils including peppermint and spearmint oil.
  • A traditional double edged safety Razor – handmade in Germany, utilising economical single blades that are better for your skin, much cheaper in the long run, and most importantly avoiding razor burn and ingrown hairs caused by most cartridge razors.
  • A targeted gel post shave soother, the cool fix is our number one seller for avoiding ingrown hairs and razor burn, can also be used as a topical treatment for existing ingrown hairs and razor burn.
  • A free safety razor blade included with the razor.

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