Top 5 Wellness Tips (For The Guy Who Can’t Be F***ed)

Why is it only once we have ‘hit a wall’ that we even think to pay attention to how we are taking care of ourselves?

Inspired by gentSac’s involvement with the upcoming ‘Manifest’ Men’s Health Symposium (November 16-17 at Town Hall, Sydney), this week we are looking at five easy ways you can transform your lifestyle, even if the word ‘wellness’ leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

Hydrate, Mate

Dehydration leads to lack of focus, lethargy and sugar cravings. Life is hard enough without self-sabotaging by not consuming enough (3 litres) water each day.

GentHacks: Keep a refillable bottle of water with you on your desk, in your gym bag, in the car.

Remember that alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, which will cause you to lose more water through urination.

Take it to the next level: In his book Own the Day, Own Your Life, Bio-hacker Aubrey Marcus says you should start your day by drinking a litre of warm water with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt for maximum hydration at the time of day you need it most. 

+1 Hour of Sleep

Finding it difficult to concentrate at work? How many hours of sleep are you getting? Add one more hour of sleep each night for a week and test the benefits.

GentHacks: If you find it difficult to go to sleep early, try waking up earlier to encourage your body clock to reconnect with your circadian rhythm – your body’s natural alignment with the sun.

Avoiding caffeine after 5pm and screens within an hour of bed.

Taking a magnesium-based vitamin supplement at night can help stimulate melanin, the hormone that regulates sleep.

Meditate for 1 Minute

Googling the benefits of meditation reads like a cure-all for everything from stress, to inability to focus, to boosting creativity.

From the outside, meditation can seem boring, painful, frustrating and pointless. That’s because sitting still and calming the mind is the opposite of, well, everything else we engage with.

GentHack: Every day, try meditating for one minute. Try first thing in the morning before your day kicks into action – or on your lunch break.

If you need some extra assistance, there are plenty of apps that will take you through the process step-by-step. ‘1 Giant Mind’ is one of the best free options on the market.

Make Quality Time… For Yourself

We all know that ‘post holiday’ feeling: energised, motivated, optimistic…One of the reasons why we feel so good on holiday is because we listen to whether we need rest, adventure or play and follow that impulse.

GentHack: Set aside 1 Hour at least once a week for the purpose of ‘spending time with yourself’. 

Think of an activity, as if you were planning something awesome to do with a mate: go to the movies, go to a car show, go bowling, visit a comic book store. It just needs to be solo time (no doubling up with ‘date night’).

Give yourself the same attention you would give someone you were trying to impress. NOTE: Stay off your phone and do not cheat by running errands. 

See what happens.

Say ‘Yes’ To A Drink… Half As Often

Dry July and not-for-profit co’ Hello Sunday Morning* have done a great job of showing gents how their lifestyle can be transformed by observing booze-free periods. If the idea of going ‘cold turkey’ is a fate worse than death, then why don’t you try ‘streamlining’. 

GentHack: Choose a period of time where you will commit to drinking half as much – or half as often.  

You don’t even need to make a big deal out of it, just quietly go about the business of saying ‘thanks but no thanks’ to every second round.

Before we wrap up, be sure to catch Chris Raine talking about his not-for-profit Hello Sunday Morning here at our Rethink Winter event, which looks to promote the conscious-consumption of alcohol.

Remember: small changes are better than no change. Avoid setting unachievable goals and risking burnout – sometimes under-committing and over-delivering is the best way to forge new and lasting shifts in your lifestyle.

‘Manifest’ Men’s Health Symposium is taking place from November 15-17 at Town Hall, Sydney. Details via

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