Dan’s ‘Desert Island’ Kit

As well working behind-the-scenes on gentSac’s social media and on a weekly podcast, this week’s podcast host Dan Brophy is the founder of a digital media agency, and the host of a home renovation how-to series. Dan recently interviewed Shira on finding your secret sauce, read more about that here.

With a lot on the go, he is a fan of a streamlined grooming routine. We asked him to build his ‘Desert Island Kit’ – the grooming essentials he can’t live without.

The Groomed Man Co. Face Fuel Cleanser

‘Because my skin can feel dry in parts and oily in others (aka ‘combination skin’) I need a cleanser to leave my skin feeling fresh but not stripped of moisture. This does the trick.

Jackson Miles S-3 Bergamot, Mandarin & Cedarwood Body Wash

As well as having great ‘shelf appeal’, I love the ‘citrus and wood’ scent when using Jackson Miles. It leaves a hint of the fragrance on the skin after washing. You’re welcome, world.

Hunter Lab ‘Face Fuel’

I love this product because of the way you apply it, scooping it from a tub, rather than squeezing it from a dispenser. One of the key ingredients is avocado, and you really get a sense of how natural it is when wearing it.

Goldfield and Banks ‘Desert Rosewood

One of my all-time favourite fragrances was ‘M7’ by YSL, which was discontinued ten years ago. Coincidently, Dimitri Weber of Goldfield and Banks used to work under Tom Ford at YSL, so in a way Desert Rosewood is the spiritual successor to M7. I also love the fact that it’s an Australian essence made in the European tradition. An instant classic.

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