Let’s go back to the very first sac

We’ve opened a time capsule in the lead up to our celebratory 2nd birthday of the gentSac flagship store in The Galeries. It is time to unveil some of the best happy snaps from our early days.


A personal note from Shira


As I sit down do reflect on the gentSac journey to date, I can’t help but also reflect on my personal journey and so.. I’m filled with so many emotions. To think that this concept started out of a conversation with my partner at the time, wanting to support him to feel confident, to remember all the No’s and all the road blocks, to reflect on all the 5am starts preparing for the markets, conversations with each and every one of you and watching all of the transformations happen in myself, my team, our brands, our customers….

I am filled with pride and gratitude as to what we have achieved and the heartfelt mission I set out to achieve 4 years ago.

My biggest highlight is seeing all of your faces every time you connect with the concept, gents coming back into store loving their upgraded routine, feeling good about themselves, ladies coming back to let us know ‘he LOVED his gift’ – so much joy it makes all the late nights and early mornings and challenging times TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I’m still on this journey, that will never change, it is ever evolving.. Learning everyday, growing as a Founder, Leader, woman, friend… my heart is full and I have the gentSac community to Thank for that. I committed to excellence and showing up for myself and our community the best way I can.

Happy Birthday to US… (All the tears right now..!)


The gentSac Journey in images


These pictures capture Shira’s commitment to her passion and the inner compass which lead her to start one of the most popular destinations for men’s grooming products in Sydney.



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