5 reasons why gentSac is the perfect gift for every guy…ever

It’s official: a gentSac kit is the best gift a man can receive for any occasion. Okay, we might be a little bias, but with Christmas fast approaching, and everyone’s minds turning to gifting, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift – or looking to make it easy for those shopping for you, we think we’ve nailed Christmas, and here’s 5 reasons why…

It contains the best of the best

Each product in our kits are hand selected by our founder Shira, who set out years ago to change the way men buy grooming products. We’ve partnered with the best makers and artisans in shaving, hair, fragrances and styling to create a unique selection of essential products and also to experiment with new products. Each sac is designed to have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

It helps a gent to level-up his grooming habits

Our motto is simple: Inspiring habits of excellence. 

By giving a gent the products he needs to level up his grooming routine, you’re giving him the gift of self-care.

It’s completely customisable

Combining products you already know you love with those you are yet to discover is one of the best ways to round out a kit. Our team is here to help – and with a few simple questions can help guide you to a personalised solution.

It is a whole lot more meaningful than a voucher

Giving the gift of grooming elevates a gents’ daily routine. It’s a gift that feels personal and meaningful because you have taken the time to consider their individual needs. 

Isn’t that better than a generic JB voucher?

It’s compact and portable

Whether jet-setting or taking your kit to the gym, your gentSac is the perfect travel companion. It’s big enough to fit the essentials plus things like a razor and toothbrush – plus it’s the perfect size to take out at airport security. Once you use a ‘sac’, you won’t go back.

Our most popular kits


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