The Valentine’s gifts every man needs

You know the scenario… you’re in the city with your partner looking for Valentines presents. 

After hours of supportive boyfriending, they have a gift that makes their eyes light-up and their heart melt. Now it’s your turn: what do you want for Valentine’s Day?

It’s time to make a bee-line for gentSac.

Within minutes we’ll help you find the perfect gift for you – and before you know it, you will be back on the couch binging episodes of The Witcher.

For those of you who can’t come and see us in person at The Galeries, here is our guide to the top five Valentine’s gifts for men – all of which are available to be purchased online.

NOTE: This blog and individual product links slipped lovingly into emails and DMs make for hassle-free hint-dropping.

What: Beard Balm Captain Fawcett Barberism

Why: Pash Rash is a thing of the past thanks to Captain Fawcett. The Barberism balm smells amazing and softens coarse bristles. With top notes of Lime & Orange, mid notes of Rose & Galbanum along with the earthier base notes of Cedarwood, Patchouli & Musk.

What: Beso Beach – Beso Negro Fragrance

Why: Our favourite pick for a fragrance to match a strong and charming fella. This fragrance is an understated love magnet. Violet notes and cardamon let the night come in, to the provocation of patchouli and the most wild side of the leather and sandalwood. Pro tip – if you’re on a budget, we’ve heard a little rumour that this fragrance resembles Le Labo quite closely (without the price tag).

What: At The Very Least Kit

Why: Let’s be real about it, there are a handful on men (or more) out there who need to get their sh*t together. If you do very little for yourself in terms of grooming, this is your grooming saviour. It includes a hunter Lab Daily cleansing stick, a Baxter of California Aluminium Free Deodorant stick, a 50ml hydrating face moisturiser by Triumph & Disaster and a 75ml Marvis toothpaste to cover off the basics.


What: Shower with Love Kit

Why: Perhaps you’re ditching the sac (bed) this valentines day, and opting for the shower. If you’re getting a little freaky, smelling great is definitely a big plus. This kit includes a body wash from Groomed Man Co (one of our best sellers) with a refreshing light citrus scent, a Baxter of California exfoliating body bar to keep his skin in check and smelling amazing and lastly, a foam cleanser from Luomo to give confidence of a fresh clean face.


What: FaceTime Kit

Why: Don’t be someone who is still washing their face with a bar of soap and water. C’mon, it’s 2020. We’ve seen it all. Everyone should be dedicating time to cleansing and moisturising properly. This kit is the perfect starting point for someone who is completely clueless on how to look after their skin. The FaceTime kit includes A daily face cleanser, a face scrub (to use for a deeper clean once or twice a week), and a handy daily moisturiser that can be used morning and night, no scent, lightweight, non greasy, easy to travel with & suitable for all skin types.


What: The Epic Beard Kit

Why: We know the struggle of pash rash in a relationship. The Epic Beard Kit is the perfect solution for the bearded gents out there. It includes a balm, oil and brush to ensure the beard is kept feeling soft and looking great.



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