Manscaping 101: The gentSac guide to male body grooming

#Manscaping is no longer softly spoken about, and let’s face it, if you aren’t managing your pubic hair in 2020 it’s either some sort of fetish, or because your religion demands it… regardless, we support you.

HOWEVER, if you are the vast majority of post-Gen-X-gents, chances are you’re into some form of grooming ‘below the equator’.

With the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras just around the corner, we thought we would use #GayChristmas as an excuse to celebrate the act of self-love that is also an act of consideration for your partner (as always, the self-care we gift ourselves ultimately benefits those around us too).

Here are 3 Things You MUST KNOW About #Manscaping

Trim, don’t shave

Unless you want to turn into a human cactus, we recommend avoiding using a razor on the chest and in the nether region. If you use a razor, hair will return as sharp bristles which can lead to a feeling similar to sandpaper brushing against whoever you come into contact with. It’s not the most pleasant feeling, trust us.

We recommend using a professional pair of grooming scissors to give your hair a trim. Captain Fawcett’s Grooming Scissors are hand crafted and sharp enough to not get caught when cutting pubes or chest hair.

Wash it with conviction

Showering shouldn’t be a chore. While a good old shower covers the essentials, it is also an opportunity to restore your skin and leave you smelling great on all parts of your body. Keeping your skin in good health is one of the major first steps to feeling confident, so invest in the right kit.

The Shower with Conviction Kit will leave you cleansed and smelling great without stripping all of your body’s natural oils. It includes a body wash, a body bar and a cleanser. The delicious scents in this kit will leave you wanting more.


Level up your fragrance game – all over

By the time you hit the sheets, chances are you’re no longer smelling as sweet as when you left the house. Sounds like you’ve skipped finding the right fragrance, which really should last as long as your night.

To save you from smelling as dank as the carpet of the last bar you departed, Narrative Lab fragrance is a pocket-friendly fragrance that isn’t a liquid – it’s a wax.

Available in a range of different bases, Narrative Lab makes a perfume made with no nasties or fillers (like alcohol!), that actually moisturises and nourishes your skin. Best of all, it is completely customisable, allowing you to mix the different notes to create your own unique scent. So while you may ‘come again’, your fragrance will never be the same twice.

Generally speaking, the more time you devote to self-care, the more you will feel ‘sac ready‘. If you have no idea what we are talking about, take a read of our 5 wellness tips for the guy who can’t be f***ed.

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