COVID-19: Why you should be moisturising

Cracked and dry skin from excessive hand washing? It certainly won’t be an uncommon sight during the coronavirus pandemic. All this panic about killing germs might actually end up killing your skin (figuratively speaking).

A threat like this to health doesn’t necessarily mean you should discount your usual grooming routine; in fact, you can take this opportunity to level up the products you use for body and hand hygiene. We sit with you on the fact that this is a period of heightened stress and a continually developing situation – there are a lot of unknowns – but there are certainly a few steps you can take to stay accountable for how to take care of yourself.

We’ve compiled a few tips on how to look after your skin during this period of excessive hand washing.

  1. Yes, you should wash your hands more frequently to help curb the spread of the virus.

While trying not to buy into the hype of preparing for a global apocalypse, you can certainly pay more attention to how frequently you are washing your hands. Where you would usually wash your hands 3-5 times a day, you should now wash them after returning from being out in public or at least hourly.

  1. Change things up a little with a quality hand and body wash.

While it is important to use an antibacterial hand wash or alcohol based sanitiser, it doesn’t hurt to use a quality hand or body wash in your routine. A lot of the more premium hand and body wash products help remove impurities without stripping your body of their natural oils, unlike some of the soaps you will buy at the supermarket.

Here are our top picks for hand & body washes:

  1. Dryness and soreness from all the hand washing isn’t uncommon, so moisturise!

Frequently washing hands with harsh soap will eventually strip them moisture and natural oils, eventually leading to them becoming cracked and dry. This makes them uncomfortable to wash and a lot more susceptible to infection, so be sure to moisturise your hands every night before you go to bed. While moisturising won’t stop germs, it does reduce microbial shedding and should be part of your routine each day regardless of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are our top hand and body moisturisers:

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