But Is Your Face REALLY Clean?

If you’re going to do it, do it right. Right?

You’re ticking all of the self-care boxes: exercise, more protein / less carbohydrate, you even get a little meditation in there (when you can remember).

But just like having a PT modify your process slightly can make all the difference, so too is it our job at gentSac to give you the adjustments which will allow you to feel the positive benefits of a simple skincare routine. Good skin, good mood, great day.

Guys: if you’re not using a face mask once a week, is your face really clean?

A clay mask is the best next step for the gent who has his ‘cleanse once a day, moisturise once a day, scrub once a week’ process down. 

It removes the excess oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and other debris that loves to hang out on your face and make its way into your pores.

The result: younger, softer skin. The removal of dead skin cells gives your skin the opportunity to generate new ones. 

Secondly, coupled with cell regeneration, is the improvement in blood circulation. If you’ve noticed uneven skin tone, inflammation, and dark under-eye circles, chances are it is related to poor blood circulation. When you use a face mask, the blood vessels in your skin expand. That results in improved circulation leading to a more youthful appearance and refreshed skin.

You’re welcome.

Rounding out your routine with a mask once a week gives you all-round better results than just covering the basics, like cleansing and moisturising.

The first step is to forget the stigma of masking being for girls in white robes with cucumbers on their face and to embrace the idea of using a mask as a way to look after yourself. Give yourself some time-out and take extra care of your money maker (face).

While we recommend using a mask as an opportunity to take five or ten minutes out to relax,  it’s also a great self-care ritual for the guy who can’t sit still. Shoutout to the #taskmaskers.

PRO TIP: We recommend coupling your mask with a scrub first. This exfoliates the skin beforehand, opens the pores and helps to turn over its top dermal layer more often, to help address breakouts, flakiness and excess sebum sebum (the skin’s natural oil).

We recommend these three masks for the ultimate skin-care routine level up:

Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask

Great for all skin types, especially sensitive.

Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay 

Particularly good if you have a tendency for lots of blackheads.

Baxter Of California Clay Mask AHA 

Great for typically dry skin and if you prefer more natural, active ingredients.


Pair it with a kit:


FaceTime Kit

This is a great, no-fuss place to start when it comes to a simple, quick & effective skincare routine.


  • A daily Face cleanser
  • A Face scrub – to use for a deeper clean once or twice a week
  • A daily moisturiser that can be used morning and night, no scent, lightweight, non greasy, easy to travel with & suitable for all skin types.


Triumph & Disaster Skincare Kit

It looks great in the bathroom and doesn wonders for your face. 


  • Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face cleanser. With a fresh scent of peppermint oil, this cleanser is gentle and effective. Suitable for all skin types.
  • Rock & Roll Suicide scrub, named after a David bowie line – this face scrub is deep on many levels, but mainly for it’s deep clean – leaving your skin super smooth and removing any excess oil.
  • Triumph & Disaster Dark Moon Hydrating Cream. A great size for travel, ultra hydrating whilst still feeling lightweight and nourishing on the skin.
  • Your choice of Triumph & Disaster Toner, Body wash or Shampoo.

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